Nick Jonas Takes His Tuna Way Too Seriously, But Honestly, We're Here For It

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas - Eugene Powers/Shutterstock

Nick Jonas once told his wife Priyanka Chopra that he wasn't a "man of too many words." However, he apparently wasn't talking about tuna fish when he made that admission. Back in 2018, the boy bander got serious (maybe even too serious) about his love for the canned protein in a series of posts to his Instagram story that also included a detailed tutorial about how he prepares the high-protein pantry staple.

"I've been a tuna enthusiast for a long time now," Jonas, who makes up one-third of the Jonas Brothers, told his viewers in the string of video clips, noting that the role is hard for some people to understand. "It's sort of a niche market these days. A lot of people are heading towards the pre-packaged, pre-made stuff that you can get at any one of your...places that are gonna sell you just a fancy tuna fish...lots of bells, lots of whistles. But what you want to do is have that personal connection with your tuna," he added.

For Jonas, that means making his own tuna salad, which he does with a somewhat non-traditional can of chile lime-flavored tuna from the brand Safe Catch. The "Shark Tank" product has a slightly off-putting look. However, the"Jealous" singer advises his fellow tuna fish fans to not let that fool them. "This is premium tuna," he assures.

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How Nick Jonas Prepares His Favorite Tuna

Nick Jonas making tuna fish
Nick Jonas making tuna fish - Jonas Brothers News/ YouTube

After transferring his chile lime tuna from the can to a bowl, Nick Jonas turns to mayonnaise from the fan-favorite grocer Trader Joe's, which he says adds a good texture and helps prevent any dry bites of fish. He then mixes the concoction with a clean fork, noting that there might be some initial resistance, and adds a touch of salt and pepper in a very specific manner.

Using a McCormick sea salt grinder, the musician explained that he typically goes "clockwise around the bowl once and then one drop in the center" before giving everything another mix. Next, Jonas grinds black pepper into an "X" pattern across the tuna before adding what might be considered the most surprising ingredient to the dish: Cholula hot sauce.

"Hot sauce makes everything better, I agree. But I think with tuna, it's about being specific, being intentional with how you're hot-saucing," he said while demonstrating how he drops in just a touch of the spicy stuff and gives everything a good mix.

You'd be wrong if you think that's the end of Jonas' tuna salad-making adventure. As a final step before digging in, he grabs yet another clean fork to avoid any extra leftover mayonnaise ruining the ratio of ingredients he so carefully put together. The move appears to be crucial to the process, as Jonas declares his tuna salad "the best tuna he's had all day."

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