Nicola Peltz Beckham really said who needs a top when you have a Balenciaga handbag

When it comes to exactly what can be defined as clothing, some celebs love to push the boundaries. Take Charli XCX, for example. In a recent photoshoot for The Face magazine, the artist posed topless in just an unzipped hoody and Miu Miu knickers, holding two album covers over her breasts. Similarly, Bella Hadid used a white paper poster as a dress on one of her Perfect covers last month. And now, Nicola Peltz Beckham is the latest to stretch the meaning of clothing.

In a similar set-up to Lourdes Leon's Dion Lee chain bag campaign, in which Madonna's daughter fashioned the bags into a bra top and belt, Nicola opted for accessories over a shirt. Photographed for Flaunt magazine, the wife of Brooklyn Beckham ditched a top in favour of wearing a metallic silver Balenciaga handbag instead. In the snap, she could be seen front-on with her arms crossed, holding the bag against her chest.

For her beauty look, Nicola wore natural makeup while her hair was styled into a wet look, with tendrils stuck to her face. Other pics saw her wearing activewear, before switching it up in an unbuttoned oversized white shirt and mini skirt co-ord.

In a second post, Nicola shared yet more photos from the shoot. The second carousel showed a different setting, with the actress and director looking like a mermaid half submerged in water wearing a billowing grey tank top dress.

Her fans were loving every shot, taking to the comments section to write:

Best shoot yet!
ate and left no crumbs 🔥
This is top 3 of all your shoots imo, wow, you look flawless.
stunnninn 🔥😍 such a fun shoot!
OMG, I love all the photos, but the last one is so angelic, so beautiful.

We totally agree!

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