Nicola Peltz’s first-choice wedding planner speaks out amid billionaire father’s lawsuit

A celebrity wedding planner who was the first of three planners hired to coordinate Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham’s lavish Palm Beach wedding has reflected on his stint working for the couple.

It comes after Nicola Peltz Beckham’s billionaire father, Nelson Peltz, sued the second set of wedding planners for allegedly refusing to refund him his US$159,000 (£131,553) reposit.

As the feud between the Peltzes and planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba continues to unfold, celebrity wedding guru Preston Bailey said that working with his former client was “great”.

Bailey has worked on a number of high-profile weddings during his career, including the nuptials of Donald and Melania Trump, and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

According to Page Six, he was hired by the Peltzes in April 2021 and stepped down in March 2022 because he was “overcommitted” and “couldn’t deliver to the quality I was used to”.

However, he had nothing but “the best to say about the Peltzes and Nicola”.

“There wasn’t any bad blood,” Bailey said. “They are lovely people. These people are important to me. Nicola was great.”

While he ended up dropping out of the wedding planning just six months before the big day, Bailey coordinated Peltz and Beckham’s engagement party.

The family eventually hired Michelle Rago to execute the wedding plans, which took place in April last year. Peltz and Beckham wed in an extravagant ceremony at Nelson’s £76 million Palm Beach estate, with the celebrations reportedly costing upwards of £3 million.

 (Getty Images for The Met Museum/)
(Getty Images for The Met Museum/)

Last week, documents obtained by The Daily Mail showed that Nelson is suing Braghin and Grijalba of Plan Design Events, a firm based in Miami, who he and his wife claim they hired six weeks before the wedding.

He claimed that the pair could not meet the expectations of the VIP guestlist and oversold their abilities “regarding their experience, expertise, and capability of planning the wedding”.

Braghin and Grijalba pushed back against the allegations over the weekend and told The Daily Mail that the lawsuit was “frivolous”.

The business pair claimed that they worked “17-hour days” and were owed more than the disputed US$159,000 deposit for the work they carried out.

They also reportedly showed the publication text messages from Peltz and Beckham, both of which encouraged and thanked them for their work.

Braghin said: “If it was Mr Peltz’s mission to damage our reputations, impact our business and hurt our families – then mission accomplished.”

The text messages appeared in contrast with several revealed in the lawsuit between Peltz and Braghin. In one message, the bride said she was “tired of catching” their mistakes.