Nightclub hosting Baby Reindeer’s ‘real Martha’ for ‘appearance’ slammed for exploitation

A nightclub in Coventry has been criticised as “absolutely vile” after they announced that Baby Reindeer’s ‘Real Martha’ would be making an appearance.

Fiona Harvey is apparently due to sign autographs and take pictures at Kasbah Nightclub on Saturday, 18 May, one week after she appeared on Piers Morgan’s YouTube channel.

During the uncomfortable interview, she repeatedly denied stalking comedian Richard Gadd and refuted claims that she sent him 41,000 emails and over 100 letters.

Within a week of the seven-part series debuting on Netflix, online sleuths had identified Ms Harvey as the real-life inspiration behind the character Martha, who becomes obsessed with Gadd after he offers her a cup of tea.

Describing it as a “world exclusive”, the club’s Facebook statement reads: “A personal appearance by Fiona Harvey aka Martha of Baby Reindeer this Saturday 18th May.

“She will be signing autographs, taking selfies and she may also take a lucky reindeer home to hang her curtains! Tag a friend who loves a bit of curtain hanging.”

The Independent has contacted the nightclub for comment – however organisers have so far refused to clarify whether or not the announcement is a hoax.

Ms Harvey denied stalking Richard Gadd during her interview with Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan/X)
Ms Harvey denied stalking Richard Gadd during her interview with Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan/X)

Nonetheless, social media users have condemned the nightclub’s decision to ‘host’ the alleged stalker as “wrong on so many levels”, with one person writing: “This isn’t ok, don’t take advantage of someone so vulnerable.”

Another wrote “I hope this is a joke, she shouldn’t have a platform end of”, while another said: “I really hope this is a joke because exploiting a person that is clearly suffering from mental health issues, for profit, is disgusting, immoral and unethical.”

During her interview with Mr Morgan, which has amassed nearly 4m views in just 12 hours, the 58-year-old claimed she had only met the comedian a few times and had sent him “less than 10 emails”.

This was despite Netflix previously claiming that the emails in the show are the real emails received by Gadd from his stalker.