Nina Dobrev hits back at online trolls who call her 'too skinny'

Nina Dobrev. Image via Getty Images.
Nina Dobrev. Image via Getty Images.

Nina Dobrev is the latest celebrity to receive criticism for her “too-slender” frame.

The 30-year-old Canadian actress took to Instagram on Monday, sharing photos of her high fashion look for the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards. The “Vampire Diaries” star collaborated with celebrity stylist Kate Young, opting for an elegant one-shouldered gown by Michael Kors.

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While the post was meant to credit Dobrev’s styling team, the star was quickly inundated with hurtful comments regarding her weight, with many calling her “too skinny.”

I can’t believe no one is noticing that she’s anorexic,” one person wrote. “ This picture just reminds me of my anorexic self. Stop praising her how she looks its not healthy. Nina needs help, you guys are just pushing her to eat air. Just look at her past photos it hasn’t even been that long. She’s gotten way too skinny in short amount of time. Trust me I’ve been through this and she is definitely showing signs of someone who’s anorexic.”

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She actually gained weight. She just looks ugly,” another troll chimed in.

When Dobrev’s fans began targeting one another over speculation of an eating disorder, the actress took matters into her own hands.

Nina Dobrev at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Image via Getty Images.
Nina Dobrev at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Image via Getty Images.

Thank you for your concern,” Dobrev began. “I’m sorry to hear you weren’t doing well, I hope that you are taking care of yourself and doing better now. I’ll also let you know that I eat burgers and fries and all kinds of yummy things all the time. You should do the same. Eating everything and working out (which I do) is the healthy solution for people who have problems. Body shaming people on the other hand is NOT healthy and very rude. I don’t do that, so you should also do the same. Have a wonderful day.”

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The actress also took on critics who said she was looking old noting her change in appearance was due to “a radical concept called time.”

“I know. Crazy,” the star replied. “It’s what happens when it goes by. People get older…But I’m 30, and damn proud of it!”

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