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'No more guesswork': This easy-to-read meat thermometer is down to $8 (40% off!)

The digital doodad has nearly 62,000 sizzling five-star reviews: 'Won't cook without it.'

Summertime is grilling time! If your meat-master skills could use a little refining, you may want to try the Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer. It can help you achieve perfectly flame-grilled burgers, steaks, chicken and more — forget about over or undercooking food. Plus, using a thermometer means you don't have to cut open the meat to see if it's done, letting out all the juicy goodness. Grab it while it's on sale for just $8 at Amazon — and with Prime, you can get it in time for Father's Day.

Don't chew on this deal too long: With nearly 62,000 five-star ratings, this tool is a hot item.

$8 at Amazon

When you consider the cost of meat these days, this $8 tool — that's 40% off — could help you save money by cutting down on waste. After all, you'll be less likely to leave food on your plate when it's cooked to perfection. And while you can't put a price on food safety, some digital thermometers cost upwards of $100, so we'll take this one! Prices vary depending on the color, but you'll still be paying $13 or less no matter which one you choose.

Undercooked meat is dangerous, and overcooked meat is like chewing on shoe leather. This digital meat thermometer will help ensure you'll never stress about either one again. Just poke it into your dinner-to-be and you'll have a temperature readout in a few seconds. Use it for making medium-rare steaks, properly cooked poultry or satisfyingly seared salmon. You can also use the Kizen to test-fry oil and gauge the doneness of casseroles, desserts and more without the guesswork.

It's not just for hot foods, either: It can read temps from −58°F to 572°F and has a vibrant backlit display. (Prefer your temp readings in Celsius? Done, with the press of a button.) There's also a handy chart with popular cooking temperatures displayed right on the unit. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to save battery life. Beyond food, you can use it to gauge the right temp for bottles, bath water, even cocktails.

The Kizen thermometer has a retractable probe for easy storage in a drawer, but it also has a magnetic back and hanging loop, so you can stick it on your fridge or display it proudly on the side of your grill. Oh yeah: It's also waterproof and easy to clean!

meat thermometer inside of meat
It's rare to find a meat thermometer this accurate, versatile and affordable. Well done! (Amazon)

Nearly 62,000 Amazon shoppers have given this kitchen gadget a five-star rating. They love how easy it is to use and say it provides an accurate reading for perfectly cooked meat every time.

This reviewer was impressed by how quickly the readings appeared. "Within seconds, it provides an accurate temperature reading, allowing me to monitor the cooking process with confidence. No more guesswork."

"Very good thermometer," said one fan who bought multiples. "Does what it needs to do. Accidentally dunked it in water and it still worked. Easy to use. Bought a second one for backup and another as a gift. Good housewarming gift or a small gift for a new cook or someone who does not know how to cook meats to temp!"

"This thing rocks!" added a third shopper. "I've been cooking without one of these my whole 63-year-old life. Last night I was cooking some pork, and after the recommended cooking time, checked [the] internal temp. Perfect. But I know if I hadn't had the meat thermometer, I would have cooked it longer ... I guess I'll need to apologize for all the dry meat I've been serving all my life."

Another shopper shared that it made a great gift for Dad. "Bought this for Father's Day about four years ago. My husband loves this thermometer and won't cook without it," they said. "He never fails to tell me how much he enjoys it still."

While some shoppers say this thermometer is quick to produce a reading, others say it's not fast enough. One reviewer said it takes up to 10 seconds, so it's not exactly instant.

"This unit takes longer to display the temp than others I have used. It works as expected, just takes a little longer to get there," explained another experienced griller. "The price is on the low end of the offerings, so a little lag in performance is acceptable."

"This is not an instant-read thermometer like many similar-looking but much more expensive options," added a final reviewer. "But for the money it works. You just have to be patient. If you want instant-read, spend a lot more money. If you want a thermometer that will take a few seconds, this works. I've tested it against the professional versions and it does read correctly or close enough."

Perfectly done meat is one Father's Day gift everyone can get behind.

$10 at Amazon

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