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No more 'hat hair': The ingenious adjustable visor you need for vacation is just $20

Your next trip is about to get a lot shadier — in a good way.

The countdown to your next beach vacation is on. If it’s not already on your packing list, don’t forget a little shade for your face. With the sun blazing down on you, wearing a topper can take the heat off your mug, but there are downsides, like hat hair, for one. Have no fear — savvy Amazon shoppers have found the perfect alternative to the floppy hat: the Simplicity Brim Roll-Up Visor and it's just $20. So go ahead and snap it up — you'll wear it all summer long.

Perfect for vacation, this packable visor has all the style and shade of a floppy hat without the hat hair.

$20 at Amazon

We can never have too much shade on our faces — we need all the sun protection we can get. $20? That's a small price to pay to keep the sun out of our eyes for the next three months.

If you’ve been scarred by a fashionable floppy hat that fell in your face when you put it on, this visor will save the day. But no matter what your reasons are for avoiding hats, this visor solves all the issues. It’s kind of like a cross between a golf visor and a floppy hat; it has a wide straw brim (sans top) and fastens with velcro. And if you don't want to go into public with a "ring around the hair" after a long day at the beach in a floppy hat, that closure is key. The velcro closure lets you adjust it to your head to avoid the hair dent. What’s even better is that if you like to wear your hair in a ponytail at the beach, this visor fits around it, stylishly.

And, of course, we all need to keep our skin from burning. This visor’s brim is roomy enough to shade your face, jawline and chest. And because this straw visor can roll up, it fits in a suitcase or carry-on without getting crushed — or getting in your way when you’re boarding the plane.

woman wearing a sun visor
This sun visor has it made in the shade. (Amazon)

More than 6,000 Amazon shoppers give it a thumbs up.

“This is the perfect hat for shading your face from the sun!” raved a health-conscious shopper. “I recently had a scare with skin cancer, so I'm bumping up my routine with hats. I love that the hat is adjustable, lightweight and foldable for travel. Add to that the cute factor and price, and it's my favorite for any day in the sun."

“I am not a hat person but I burn easily and I want to protect my skin, so a hat it is,” wrote another rave reviewer. “I was surprised how flattering this is! It’s very moldable and bendable to make it whatever shape you need for sun protection or whatever shape you want for the right look. Besides that, the fact that it is adjustable to fit different head sizes is great.”

“I wear my hair up in a bun at school and I wanted a shade hat for outdoor supervision that would fit without ruining my hairstyle,” wrote a hair-conscious shopper. “It velcros shut under the bun or ponytail and is easily removed without ‘hat hair’.”

Some shoppers have suggestions for an improved design.

"I do wish it had 360-degree coverage," wrote one shopper. "I have to be careful that the back of my neck, which is exposed by the cutout shape, doesn’t burn."

Another shopper wrote: "I’ve been stopped several times by people asking me about this hat. It looks really nice. Maybe I just wish it could be made into a slightly smaller size but it still works for me."

Comfortable and chic, you'll wear it everywhere you go this summer.

$20 at Amazon

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