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'No more jiggle when I laugh': These popular high-waisted undies are on sale for $4 a pop

Stumbling upon unicorn undies that smooth things out and don't ride up can feel like an impossible dream. Not so, claim more than 41,000 Amazon shoppers who found these high-waisted pairs that keep everything in place and feel super-comfortable to boot. That's a small town's worth of five-star reviews for Wirarpa High Waist Underwear! Right now, you can get a five-pack at a deep discount: $21, down from $41 — nearly 50% off.

Soft and comfy, these high-waist beauties are made with cotton and spandex providing full coverage without riding up. 

$26 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

At nearly 50% off, you can get these undies sets in eight different color combinations including black, white and multi. And for less than five bucks a pop! This is the lowest price we've seen for these packs.

Why do I need this?

If you're about to unravel over your ill-fitting undergarments, these will grant you the peace of mind you deserve. Made with cotton and spandex, they're built to make your life comfier — and also cooler when the thermostat is up a bit too high to keep your composure.

And if we're being honest, few of us are spared the muffin top — there's only so much that diet and exercise can do. These panties help keep things contained without rolling down.

two pairs of underpants
More than 41,000 Amazon shoppers rave about these comfy panties. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

If you have a little junk in the trunk (or a lot!), finding underwear that doesn't ride up feels like uncovering the holy grail. Well, these 41,000+ reviewers uncovered it for you.

"This is a repeat purchase because I love this product so much," gushed a rave reviewer. "They are comfortable wearing anything. They have enough stretch that it feels like the underwear are holding my apron belly securely. No more jiggle when I laugh. Highly recommend these. From now on these are the only underwear I will purchase."

"These are the softest, most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn," raved an enthusiastic fan. "They are more of an everyday thing and since I am retired, everyday wear is my go-to. By that, I mean shorts, jeans, billowing sundresses, etc. Washing and drying were no problem. These did not shrink or become distorted in any way. Oh, and for the win — no wedgies!!!"

"Finally, I’ve found it!!!" wrote a five-star fan. "I have been on a lifetime quest to find undies that hit all the checkmarks. I’ve tried all price points and all cuts and styles. These are SOOOOO COMFORTABLE. They don’t pinch, they don’t dig, they don’t scratch and they wash so well. The only drawback is they can show panty lines in some clothes, so that’s something to keep in mind depending on the clothes you wear. They aren’t too thin or thick and breathe, and the waistband is the best. So happy I just bought a second set. Get them, trust me!"

"No chafing, no wedgies and none of that synthetic sports-material stuff that causes unnecessary sweating," a satisfied customer shared. "These are just good ole comfy briefs that you can do whatever you want in, and they fit as they should."

Available in sizes XS to 5XL, you can get these undies in black or neutral colors, or you can choose from five vibrant multipacks. 

Save $20 with coupon
$21 at Amazon

How about some cozy fleece-lined leggings to go over your new comfy undies? These popular picks will keep you warm all winter.

These flattering, fleece-lined leggings will make you love winter — or at least tolerate it better.

Check out our full Iuga Fleece-Lined Leggings review for more.

$20 at Amazon

"These are fantastic!" wrote a shopper. "I’m a runner, and with the temps falling in New England, I wanted to find a warmer pair of leggings. I’m a mom of two and prefer something high-waisted, and pockets are a must ... The best part is they don’t move when I run. No constantly hiking them up. The first day I had them, I ran a 10K and did another 5K today and just love them so much."

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