No, You’re Not Dreaming: Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia Really *Did* Have a Bach Nation Reunion! 🌹

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia—aka our fave Bach Nation duo—are back at it again in a majorly iconic crossover with this season's current Bachelorette, Charity Lawson. Yep, the former co-leads on the series visited during Charity's Monday night finale and shared a series of candid, behind-the-scenes pics that were pure ~vibes~.

One image showcases Gabby holding a bottle of champagne while Rachel reapplies her lip gloss in a dressing room, and another is a pic of the pilot in a bathing suit with a veeeeeeery recognizable black modesty box covering the bottoms...👀

Luckily, fans were definitely able to piece together what the “tell a friend to tell a friend!!!!” caption and that scarily familiar box were alluding to, because Rachel is actually set to appear in the next season of *drumroll, pls* Bachelor in Paradise!! Yep, during Monday night's Bachelorette season finale, fans were finally able to take a first look at the season 9 trailer for the show courtesy of the franchise's host, Jesse Palmer. And let's just say...we def get the vibe that the show going to live up to its chaotic rep. 😂

Gabby seemingly confirmed the exciting news by way of a supportive comment on Rachel's post that reads, “My whole heart!! Can’t wait to see you on that beach.” Gabby won't be filming alongside her former co-star on the Bach-spinoff, but we'll forgive her because she recently gave her final rose to a very special someone—like, someone who even made an appearance in Rachel's photo dump if ya look closely. 👀

Earlier this month, the former Bachelorette captioned a sweet tribute to her new girlfriend, comedian and television writer Robby Hoffman. “Told you I’m a girls girl!!,” Gabby captioned the post, which included several snaps of the her and Robby—whom she's been dating for around three months—hanging out on a tropical vacation, lounging on a boat, and generally looking happy beyond belief.

Soon after posting the pics, Gabby stopped by The View to share even more details about her exciting new romance and how it felt coming out publicly for the first time: “I always just want to live my truth, and my story,” she began. “And I have been seeing someone for a couple months, and I’ve been keeping it a little more private because it is a bigger story and a bigger conversation, because I’m dating a girl.”

Gabby went on to say that though she initially kept the 'ship more private in the hopes of seeing where it would go before cluing fans in, she felt she could “see the future” in the pairing. “It just felt so right,” she added during the convo. “I was on dating shows dating men and a Broncos cheerleader, so it was like my whole world was male-gaze...Obviously, it’s about sexuality, but it’s also the person I met. Like, she is so special. She makes me feel so safe, so loved. Like a love that I always wanted going on these dating shows, so now it’s like, 'Yeah, exactly.'”

TL;DR: Gabby and Rachel stans have *a lot* to celebrate as of late. 😭❤️

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