Obsessed With the Wallpaper in The Queen’s Gambit? Here’s How to Get the Look

The appeal of the fictional Wheatley family’s monochromatic living room layered in deep teal is palpable. “Dramatic wallpaper changes the look and feel of a space with minimal effort,” says Aimee Lagos, cofounder of Hygge & West. Though taking a deep dive into the blue-green palette doesn’t have to be an all-out endeavor. Opt for statement wallpaper that works as a focal point to build on. “We brought attention to the wall by choosing a more neutral couch, but brought back in the green tones with pillows, plants, and art,” says Dani Nagel, founder of the fashion brand Dazey LA, who collaborated with Hygge & West on this room. “Finding a coordinating art piece that matches the wallpaper is one of my favorite things to do. It creates a completed look that feels very intentional.” $155, Hygge & West. Get it now!
Madelyn Wallpaper
Beth’s adoptive mother, Alma Wheatley (played by Marielle Heller), pulled out all the stops in the floral explosion that is her bedroom—the wallpaper, the duvet, the lampshade (oh, my!). While a bit much, it kind of works, but only because the intensity of the pattern pulls the room together. If you’re not ready to live in a bouquet, you can still indulge in ultra-flowery wallpaper without overpowering a space. “When you go bold on a colorful floral wall, striking a balance with neutral finishes is key,” says Melanie, who used Rocky Mountain Decals “Madelyn” self-adhesive wallpaper. “I like to use the wallpaper as a fun colorful accent then paint the remaining walls white. When I do an accent wallpaper I use simple design elements like bedding, furniture, and drapery. Let the wallpaper be the queen of the court, and don’t steal her thunder!” $28, Rocky Mountain Decals. Get it now!
Two Step
Sure, Beth’s new pink-checkered bedroom digs rise above the drab orphanage, but if the plaid print is a bit too saccharine for you, consider this Chasing Paper alternative with two-tone L-shaped squares that (dare we say it) look like a psychedelic chessboard? “Geometric prints are easy to work with because you can easily match other prints or fabrics within the space,” says Melanie. “When using geometric, I like to go for a medium-size print. Too big and you can lose focus, and too small you get too busy. A good medium geometric with two to three colors, you can never go wrong.” Unlike the more intimate floral wallpaper, geo prints can add character to the living room, kitchen, or dining spaces. $40, Chasing Paper. Get it now! (Anna Spaller Photography)
Vintage Deco Diamond Stone Wallpaper
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially on wallpaper. And it seems that the show’s decorators thought so too, as geometric patterns donned hotel rooms on Beth’s chess tours across the world, starting with that beguiling Vegas mint-and-gold diamond print that teeters between Art Deco vibes and ’60s chic. This Graham & Brown print is easier to work with than something more avant-garde, especially if you stick to neutrals. “I think it would be impossible to look at this pattern and not get a bit of nostalgia for a time when avocado green kitchens and burnt orange shag carpeting were the height of interior fashion,” says Natasha Nicolaou, owner of NatNico Designs, a Boston-based interior design and staging company. “By switching out the bold ’60s color palette with a monotone color scheme in shades of blue or stone, you can get the same vintage vibes without going full retro.” $100, Graham & Brown. Get it now!
La Palma by Catherine Martin by Mokum
The Mexico City hotel has us packing our bags with its wild wallpaper of jungle foliage adorned with blushing orchids against the palm leaf headboard. To channel the tropical Art Deco nostalgia, go bananas with this Catherine Martin “La Palma” wallpaper designed for Mokum. “For those who identify with the maximalist design movement, you can dive right in and embrace pattern on pattern, dimensional texture, and bold color, all layered together to create a truly maximalist interior space,” says Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum’s design director. “The beauty of maximalism is that like any trend it can be adapted to suit your own personal style.” (AER)
Drop It MODERN Nova© Removable Wallpaper
Beth swapped the rich teal in the living room for the effervescent pink wallpaper—a declaration of a fresh start. “Pink is one color that will never go out of style,” says Melanie. “Some feel that pink naturally attracts people. And, it goes so well with other colors.” Not to mention it’s a color of calm and nurture, something that we all desperately need at home. Just as Beth’s mod U-shaped prints evoke whimsy, the circle party on this “Modern Nova” West Elm wallpaper is a cheery reminder that fun is within reach. $180, West Elm. Get it now!

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Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest