It's Official: Hell's Kitchen Has Been Renewed For 2 More Seasons

Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen set
Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen set - Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay's iconic pressure cooker of a high-stakes cooking competition is sticking around for a bit longer. "Hell's Kitchen" has officially been renewed for two additional seasons on Fox, according to a post from the show's account on X, formerly known as Twitter. The beloved series is also coming up on its 20th anniversary, with the first season premiering in 2005.

The popular series, which is arguably chef and host Ramsay's most well-known TV project, gathers chefs from around the country and brings them to the Hell's Kitchen set for a series of intense cooking challenges and mentorship from Ramsay, beginning with two teams and eventually whittling down to one winning chef. "Hell's Kitchen" victors, like Season 21 winner Alex Belew, are offered head chef positions at one of Ramsay's many high-profile restaurants as part of the grand prize. Now, with a confirmed season 23 and 24, it looks like Ramsay isn't slowing down. In fact, "Hell's Kitchen" is gearing up for a significant change in the new seasons by moving its filming location.

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What We Know About The Next Seasons Of Hell's Kitchen

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut
Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut - Denistangneyjr/Getty Images

"Hell's Kitchen" has typically been filmed in Los Angeles, with a brief sojourn to the Hell's Kitchen location at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas for the series' 19th and 20th seasons, where the restaurant recently passed the 2 million guests mark. For the 23rd and 24th seasons, however, filming will take place at the newest Hell's Kitchen set location in Connecticut, at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket. A studio has been custom-built on the Foxwoods property specifically for filming, which could shake things up, providing a brand-new setting for the show. However, it's unclear whether contestants will be staying there during filming.

The most recent season of "Hell's Kitchen" featured the theme "American Dream," gathering contestants with particularly unique stories of starting from scratch and steadfastly building their cooking careers. The post on X (formerly known as Twitter) didn't mention any particular themes or twists and turns for the new season, but when it comes to "Hell's Kitchen," you can generally expect Ramsay to throw in a few surprises and bring the heat. Now it's time to see if Connecticut can handle it.

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