Here's The Official Winner Of Our "Make Your Own Sims Scece" Contest And All The Unhinged Runner Ups

Our latest AI Generator contest, a Sims Scene generator, has officially come to a close. Over 1,200 submissions were made using BuzzFeed's new AI-powered engine, where users got to make their own unhinged Sims scene for chance to win $100! But fear not — you can still use the generator even though the contest has concluded!

It was a difficult decision for our judges. We took creativity, originality, and function into account, and it was NOT an easy choice. But without further ado, we're excited to announce that the official winner is...

1."Species Reveal Party"

Two women and a man gathered around a table with a green alien, celebrating, in a Sims video game scenario

Created by user laurenhartman1.

And we couldn't help but give some shoutouts to the incredibly creative and slightly unnerving runner-ups:

2."Spaghetti Western"

Animated cowboys riding ostriches and lassoing in a field

Created by user breannakmiller311f.

3."Lana Del Rey Hugging George Washington Underneath A Cherry Blossom Tree At Night"

Two animated characters embracing under a cherry blossom tree, with the man dressed in a formal military uniform and the woman in a simple long dress

Created by user casualmeat54.

4."Bjork Working At McDonald's"

An animated character resembling Wednesday Addams serving a burger at a McDonald's counter

Created by user visionarypumpkin22.

5."The Real Housewives Of Sim City"

Nine Sims characters styled after the cast of The Real Housewives, posing with large green plumbob crystals

Created by user katies156.

6."Mike Dyson"

3D cartoon of a character resembling Mike Tyson merged with a vacuum cleaner, labeled "TikoBellix."

Created by user okthxbye.

7."American Girl Dolls Chilling In A Graveyard"

Four animated female characters in a graveyard from "The Sims" game

Created by user celestialsky.

8."Shania Twain Gathering A Group Of Girls To Go"

A group of Sims characters from The Sims game series interacting outdoors, some in pairs, casual clothing

Created by user saraho1.

9."Sad Girl Eating French Fries While Riding Alpaca"

Animated character riding a llama while holding a bowl of fries on a farm

Created by user copperwalrus78.

10."Power Ranger Getting A Mani-Pedi"

Blue Ranger sitting with Red Ranger in a dentist's office, both from Power Rangers

Created by user madisongriffin715.

11."Jack Black Square Dancing In A Barn"

Animated characters from a video game dancing in a lively rustic setting

Created by user weetziebat.

12."Gweneth Paltrow Making Tamales In Hell While Surrounded By Rats"

Animated woman with straight hair, black top, surrounded by rats and food on ground

Created by user brandic49827ce89.

13."Abby Lee Miller And Darth Vader On A Date"

Created by user karaf4d81698fc.

Created by user karaf4d81698fc.

14."Phil Collins Making The Fire Soundtrack That They Used For Tarzan"

A character from The Sims video game plays a piano that's on fire

Created by user jessica22rowell.

15."Serial Killer Steve Buscemi Eats A Bologna Sandwich In Front Of His Kill Wall"

3D-rendered image of an animated character resembling Steve Buscemi eating a burger surrounded by surreal floating food

Created by user thegavy.

16."A Little Girl Smiling Close To The Camera In Front Of A Burning House"

An animated character smiling with a burning house in the background

Created by user devonyaskowski.

And finally...

17."Britney Spears Plays The Sims 4"

Sims character with blonde hair using a computer in a bedroom decorated with posters

Created by user goety.

Now it's your turn to voice your opinion. Which scene do you think deserved to win? Comment below and make your own here!

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