How often should you throw away your razor? It's probably more frequently than you'd think

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Disposable razors are a cheap, easy way to ensure your legs — or face — is smooth every day. And while many of us use them as a stand in for a longer-term razor, manufacturers are reminding the public that these razors are only intended for a handful of uses.

Gillette Venus has released a shaving tips section on their website explaining that disposable razors shouldn’t be used more than five to 10 times before being tossed. Turns out that blades on razors are harvesting grounds for bacteria, raising the risk of an infection. If you were to cut yourself with a blunt blade, the bacteria then has direct access to your bloodstream.

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If you want to avoid the deterioration of your razor and reduce the growth of bacteria, remove it from the shower, pat it dry after every use and store it somewhere less humid, like in a medicine cabinet.

One New York City dermatologist told Refinery 29 there are telltale signs when your razor is ready for the garbage.

“The first sign of any rusting or dulling of the blade, or any tugging or nicking of the skin, should tell you it’s time to toss it,” said dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

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Keep your razor blade sharp by storing it in a clean, dry place after use,” she said. “It’s also important to rinse your razor out after you shave… If you don’t, soap and shaving cream will dry in-between the blades, making them dull and weak.”

So there you have it, it’s time to ditch your collection of disposable razors and start storing them properly – outside of the shower.

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