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Oh, Mama! This $8 gadget will clean your filthy microwave like a boss — get it for nearly 60% off at Amazon

Thousands of Amazon shoppers use the Angry Mama to tackle caked-on messes with little to no elbow grease.

When was the last time you cleaned your microwave? Mm-hmm, that's what we thought. It's one of those things you forget about until it's a problem, and once you see that caked-on marinara residue from who-knows-when, you think, There's no way that's coming off. Only, it will! If you have a handy little Angry Mama microwave cleaner, that is. Yes, she might be scowling at your neglectfulness the whole time, but she'll make the dreaded task a whole lot quicker and easier. Plus, she's currently marked down to just $8 (down from $19) at Amazon.

You'll be thrilled when you see her work her magic and make microwave cleanup a cinch! 

$9 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

We'd be willing to pay more than $8 for a gadget that keeps us from having to scrub away all of that crud from our microwaves, but hey, we're not complaining about the fact that it's nearly 60% off! In fact, this current price is within a buck of its all-time lowest.

Why do I need this?

Scrubbing the inside of your microwave is a real pain, so it's understandable if you've been putting it off. It's such a small space that it's hard to reach all of the corners, and once those splatters have been stuck on the walls for weeks (months? years?!), removing them takes a lot of elbow grease. That said, the job needs to be done — you're putting food you intend to eat in there, after all — and the Angry Mama is here to do the heavy lifting.

She certainly looks cute, with her colorful dress and bobbed hair, but her facial expression says it all: This filthy microwave needs an overhaul, stat! And sometimes, a parent's stern critique is just the nudge we need to get going.

So how does she work? All you do is remove her hair (sorry, Mama!), fill her with vinegar and water, squeeze in some lemon if you want a fresh, citrusy scent, put her hair back on, pop her into the microwave and heat for 5-8 minutes. That's it! While she's in there, the vents in her hair will release a mist of the water-vinegar mixture, which helps soften and release all of that food buildup. Then, you can simply wipe everything down, no harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing required. Hallelujah!

angry mama microwave cleaner in a microwave
This Angry Mama just needs to let off some steam — literally. And once she's done, your microwave will look cleaner than it's ever been. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

In spite of her somewhat judgmental expression, the Angry Mama has racked up more than 5,500 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers who swear by her seemingly magical powers.

This five-star fan called her "a must-have," adding, "This thing is absolutely incredible! ... It completely cleans everything — even stuff that may have been splattered in your oven for days! Takes less than 10 minutes to fully clean your microwave. It is truly amazing! No more scrubbing or use of harsh chemicals."

Another happy reviewer, who referred to her as an "arthritis-friendly microwave cleaning tool," wrote, "I have arthritis and find scrubbing difficult. ... I bought Angry Mama with the hope that it would make microwave cleaning easier. It worked! ... Several months' worth of grime and splatter wiped away without any scrubbing or pressure."

One brave customer put Mama to the real test: cleaning a microwave that had been neglected for years. The verdict? "Angry Mama is amazing!" they exclaimed. "I just tried this for the first time on my dad's microwave. As you can imagine a bachelor microwave to look like, it was messy. I did exactly as directed and it was an easy clean afterward! This is a life-changer for us! It has been years since his microwave had been cleaned and I was able to wipe the stuck-on food right off."

"I had a hard time getting this lady's head to pop off," shared a final fan. "You pull straight up. Once I figured that out, it was super simple. ... The fill lines are a bit tricky, it's not transparent enough in certain light, but that's a minimal issue. As to the microwave, after I let her sit for two minutes and then took her out ... Everything wiped off with little effort. This is definitely something worth trying out. It left a tiny bit of the mixture in the bottom of her after she steamed. So I used that to clean my stove."

Does the schmutz in your microwave require an even more ruthless dressing-down? Try Angry Mama-In-Law! We kid, we kid... 

$9 at Amazon

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$7 at Amazon

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