OK, We Finally Know Why Lenny Kravitz Is Aging Backwards

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They say that death and taxes are the only two things in life that are certain, but adding in Lenny Kravitz will look 25 forever is a clear shoo-in for third.

Since the 56-year-old musician first came on to the scene with his debut album Let Love Rule in 1989, he has pretty much looked, well, the same; prompting the entire world to gasp every time he drops a new pic on Instagram. Then ask the inevitable: When are you going to drop the skincare routine, Mr. Kravitz?

Well, the time is now, my friends. And the good news is it won't cost you an arm and a leg — or even a trip to Sephora.

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"I only use a few things," the rockstar, who is the new global ambassador for YSL Beauty's Y fragrance, told Vanity Fair in a recent interview. "I wash my face with water, truthfully. When I’m [in the Bahamas], I scrub it with the sand from the ocean because it’s very fine and powdery."

Ahh, a man who exfoliates, we love to see it.

"I use coconut oil on my body, shea butter, cocoa butter — all organic," Kravitz continued. "I use Dr. Bronner’s almond soap. I wash my body with it, I wash my hair with it, and I wash my clothes with it. It’s a really simple island routine, but I carry that wherever I go. And of course, whatever fragrance or oils, but it’s really that simple."

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Is It Cool with Zoe Kravitz

While most of these products are pretty accessible and affordable, not all of us currently live in the Bahamas (or can even visit any time soon) to exfoliate with the island's luscious sand.

Good thing you can always opt for Golde's Papaya Bright Instant Exfoliating Face Mask as a close second.