Olivia Munn Reveals She Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer in 2023

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Olivia Munn, 43, just shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and received a double mastectomy. In an emotional post on Instagram, the actor said she hoped that sharing her story could be a source of comfort and inspiration to others who are going through the same thing.

Following a picture of herself in a hospital gown, the actor posted a long message about the process of finding the cancer, undergoing the surgery, and dealing with the emotional impact. Munn wrote that in February 2023, the results of her genetic testing for cancer risk all came back negative and she had a normal mammogram that same winter. And yet she was still diagnosed with breast cancer two months later.

Munn’s post came just three days after she and her partner, John Mulaney, walked the carpet together at the 2024 Oscars—with no one aware of the journey she’d been on the previous year.

“In the past ten months I have had four surgeries, so many days spent in bed I can't even count and have learned more about cancer, cancer treatment and hormones than I ever could have imagined.” Olivia Munn wrote on Instagram. She added that she kept the diagnosis and treatment private because she needed to “catch my breath” and “get through the hardest parts before sharing.”

In another slide Munn explained that she probably wouldn’t have caught her cancer for another year if it weren’t for her ob-gyn, who decided to calculate her Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score. “She discovered my lifetime risk was at 37%,” Munn explained, which led to her getting further tests. “The biopsy showed I had Luminal B cancer in both breasts,” she said, which is a fast-moving and aggressive type; “30 days after that biopsy I had a double mastectomy.”

The actor finished her message with a note of thanks to those who supported her during her cancer, with a special shoutout to Mulaney, with whom she shares her son Malcolm. “I’m so thankful to John for the nights he spent researching what every operation and medication meant,” she wrote.

Mulaney offered his own support in the comments section, writing, “Thank you for fighting so hard to be here for us. Malc and I adore you. ❤️”

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