Oreo Announces 3 New Frozen Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Oreo mint bars and mint sandwiches are in your future.



According to the National Weather Service, in order to see a rainbow, you need to look in a direction that puts the sun at your back. The sun itself needs to be less than 42 degrees above the horizon. And it needs to be raining enough that the sunlight can be reflected by the raindrops — and the raindrops themselves need to be almost perfectly spherical. Trust us, that’s crucial information for anyone who wants to enter Oreo’s latest contest.

Oreo is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by expanding its mint-flavored frozen treats. And although it’s not offering to hand over any gold from the end of a thematically appropriate rainbow, it is giving away a “Pot o-Oreo Frozen Treats.”

Mint lovers who want a chance at a prize package that includes the new Oreo Mint frozen goodies will need to take a photo of a rainbow that they’ve seen in real life between Friday, March 15 and Sunday, March 17.

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The rainbow-spotter will then need to share the pic on their Instagram story or on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, tag the @Oreo account, and use the hashtags #OreoFrozenTreats and #Sweepstakes. (Also, let’s be honest: since Oreo isn’t giving away gold coins or thousands of dollars, it’s probably not going to check that you didn’t just share whatever rainbow you found on the second page of Google Images.)

Oreo’s first mint-flavored frozen treats debuted last year in a 48-ounce tub, but the Mondelez-owned cookie maker is expanding its mint offerings to include Oreo Mint Bars, Oreo Mint Sandwiches, and 14-ounce Oreo Mint tubs.

"It's been two years since the Oreo brand first debuted in the freezer aisle with Oreo Frozen Treats, but we aren't slowing down," Caroline Suppiger, senior associate brand manager of Oreo U.S., said in a statement. "Oreo as a brand is always testing new ways to reinvent our unique and fan-favorite cookie. This philosophy extends to the Frozen Treats line as well, which is why this year we are so excited to expand our Oreo Mint portfolio with three new tasty frozen treat varieties."

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The new Oreo Mint offerings should be significantly easier to find than a rainbow. Raymond Lee, Jr., a U.S. Naval Academy research professor and meteorology and visibility expert, once told National Geographic that rainbows were “like weeds [because] they’ll pop up wherever they can,” they’re still not super common. Most locations only experience around six rainbows every year, although they’re more common in Hawaii and on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Good luck, Oreo lovers!

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