Oreo Just Dropped a New Flavor That Could Low-Key Be Its Best Yet

What will you dip it in?



Oreo just gave us all one more reason to look forward to spring.

On Wednesday, the dessert giant announced it's releasing a limited-release cookie that will make anyone who likes a cinnamon-sweet flavor happy with the introduction of the Oreo Churro flavor.

The cookie, Oreo shared in a statement with Food & Wine, features a "fried dough flavored cookie with churro flavor creme and delicious sugar inclusions." Oreo also shared the news to its social channels including both Instagram and Tiktok to plenty of fanfare. On Instagram, the post garnered more than 21,000 likes and hundreds of comments by delighted followers. 

"Just had an idea. Is there a monthly enrollment where you mail me the new flavors," one fan quipped. "This is actually the best day ever," another added. "OMG, I can't wait to eat a whole pack in one sitting," one more (rightfully) commented. 

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And, interestingly, a few noted that the flavor felt oddly familiar. And that, my friends, is because it is.

In 2019, Oreo released a mystery flavor along with a contest asking fans to write in and guess what they believed the flavor to be. The winner received $50,000. And sure enough, once the contest concluded, Oreo shared that the flavor was indeed churro all along.

"I hope this is the same recipe as the 2019 mystery flavor (churro), because those were amazing," one commenter added on Instagram.

The one thing to note is that these churro-flavored cookies are also different from the actual Oreo Churros, which launched in 2015. Those have since been discontinued, however, you can find the odd box or two on Amazon from third-party sellers, but we're not sure we'd recommend it.

No word from Oreo on how long this limited-edition flavor will be available, but we do know it will be available at retailers nationwide starting on March 27. Odds are the flavor will quickly sell out, so maybe stockpile a box or two for yourself just in case. As Oreo's Tiktok suggests, the flavor pairs wonderfully with either chocolate ganache or dulce de leche, but we're sure it's equally epic on its own or with a classic glass of milk too.

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