A New Oreo Treat Has Landed at the Costco Bakery

And it’s only $6.



There’s something about miniature foods that makes them, for whatever reason, tastier. That’s why of all the things at the potluck, we can’t help but gravitate towards the mini quiches, sausage balls, or anything else on a toothpick. You can’t deny it—bite-sized is just better.

Costco knows this well (they’re the hub of frozen apps, after all), so when they launched their latest bakery treats earlier this month, they made sure it was the ideal size for all audiences: tiny.

New Mini Oreo Cupcakes at Costco

If you’re an avid Oreo lover like us, get excited. The fan-favorite cookies and creme flavors are now available in adorable mini cupcake form at the Costco bakery. The exclusive deal comes with a tray of 24 two-bite (or one-bite) treats ready to throw onto a party platter and present to a crowd.

And best of all, it’s only $5.99.

The mini cupcakes have a rich chocolate cake base and sweet vanilla icing swirled on top. To finish them off, a dusting of Oreo cookie crumbles. Some fans report that the frosting has a sweet, marshmallow-like flavor, while the cupcake itself is moist and crumbly.

The treats were just spotted at the beginning of the month and have already become a favorite among members. Fans are calling the cupcakes “amazing,” “so delicious,” and “great for a quick and relatively small chocolate fix.”

One Costco employee even chimed in on a Reddit thread with a crucial piece of shopping advice: Buy two. “They are absurdly good,” they shared. “You *will* eat more than one box.”

So, whether you’re buying them for party purposes or to enjoy a *little treat* throughout your day, make sure to pick up a box of these scaled-down Oreo sweets while they’re still in stores. At $6, we think this deal already calls for a celebration.

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