Orville Peck poses nude for PAPER, talks breaking through in ‘heteronormative’ country music

Orville Peck in his Paper magazine shoot
Orville Peck in his Paper magazine shoot (Images: Brett Loudermilk for PAPER)

Country music singing sensation Orville Peck has posed naked for PAPER magazine.

The 36-year-old, who is gay, shared images from the shoot on his Instagram today (Wednesday 12 June 2024).

In the accompanying story, Orville is interviewed by RuPaul’s Drag Race veteran and fellow former Attitude cover star Gottmik. In it, Orville covers everything from life with his boyfriend to how the country music genre has become more inclusive.

“Its roots are all in diversity” – Orville Peck country music

“I used to have to tour 250 days out of the year because I was trying to get someone to pay attention,” Orville told Gottmik. “But now, I can sort of dictate. I’ve learned how much time off I need. I’ve learned that I need to be able to go back and reset, and see my boyfriend and my dog and, like, sleep in my bed, and do normal person things.”

Orville in a wet t-shirt in his Paper shoot
“.I think country had this stigma for so long” – Orville Peck (Image: Brett Loudermilk for PAPER)

Elsewhere in the interview, he says: “We have several out gay country artists, and we have more and more visibility with Black country artists, with brown country artists. I think country had this stigma for so long — kind of after 9/11 — that it was about being white, heteronormative, Southern, and religious, and patriotic. It just became a politicized genre. So it’s so lovely to see it being represented diversely now, because its roots are all in diversity.”

The new shoot follows Orville recently sharing his new single with Diplo and Kylie Minogue named ‘Midnight Ride.’

Orville posing in gold hot pants with three extras
“Her and I used to DM” says Orville of Kylie (Image: Brett Loudermilk for PAPER)

The trio dropped the track last week, with Orville saying in a statement: “Doing this song with Kylie and Diplo was a dream come true. Kylie was the first person I asked to be on Stampede because I knew exactly the kind of magic we could all make together.”

Of Kylie, Orville furthermore told Paper: “Her and I used to DM, just in like a cute ‘heart each other’s stories’ kind of way. But I was always sort of like, ‘I don’t know if this is just some gay guy running her account that’s like her publicist…’

Orville on the cover of Paper
Orville on the cover of Paper, out now (Image: Brett Loudermilk for PAPER)

“Because you never really know! And you don’t really want to put yourself out there, just in case. But I was just kind of like, ‘Fuck it. I’m gonna shoot my shot.'”

He added of DJ extraordinaire Diplo: “He’s my good-for-nothing on-and-off-again boyfriend, as we like to call each other.”

For more information about Orville’s PAPER cover, visit the outlet’s official web page.

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