P.F. Chang's Is Giving Free Dumplings To Anyone Who Just Got Dumped

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P.F. Chang's Is Giving Away Free DumplingsP.F. Changs

There are few things worse than getting a breakup text. Throw in Valentine's Day, and a fresh breakup can quickly turn anyone pretty lovelorn this time of year.

If love isn't in the air for you this Valentine's Day because of a recent breakup, we've got good news. P.F. Chang's just announced that they're giving away a free six-count of shrimp or pork dumplings (in restaurant or via delivery) to people experiencing heartbreak this month.

Before you start your post-breakup delete-and-block spree, keep in mind that you'll need a breakup text to receive your free dumplings. To get your free order, you need to text CHANGSDUMPLINGS to 855-697-6181 along with your breakup story or screenshot of a text message.

Given that not everyone wants to go to a restaurant on Valentine's Day right after breakup, you'll have the rest of February to redeem your dumplings.

All the details can be found on their site. You need to send the text by February 21.

For P.F. Chang's, their free dumplings promotion serves as more than just a fun offer—it's a way for them to connect with fans, including those dealing with heartbreak.

"At P.F. Chang's, we believe in embracing every chapter of our guests' lives, even the ones marked by heartbreak,” said Elisa Cordova, Director of Brand Marketing, from P.F. Chang’s, in a statement. “Our DUMPlings program is more than just a promotion; it’s a testament to our commitment to surprising and delighting our guests who aren’t feeling the love this season." She went to say that "breakups may suck, but at least our dumplings don’t."

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