Padma Lakshmi, 52, Had A Picnic In Her Bathtub Totally Naked 👀

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Padma Lakshmi Is Totally Nude In IG Bathtub Pic Rich Polk - Getty Images
  • Padma Lakshmi, 52, recently posted a cheeky photo to her Instagram grid.

  • The cookbook author posed fully nude in a bathtub, eating pasta and drinking wine.

  • The activist eats a plant-based diet and works out at least five times a week for around 90 minutes at a time.

Padma Lakshmi took self care to the next level in her recent Instagram post. The food personality recently shared a photo of herself enjoying a her bathtub, and completely naked. Padma's picnic consisted of a delicious-looking pasta and white wine. Talk about a day off!

Padma, 52, wrote "Love a good bath picnic, don't you??" in her caption. She also tagged Kourtney Kardashian, a nod to the reality TV star's recent Instagram post of her own bath picnic. In addition to radiating relaxation vibes, Padma was totally toned all over.

Katie Couric threw her support to Padma's post, writing "You are goals 🔥🙌." While Other fans praised Padma for her unconventional picnic location. "The only way to have a picnic 🥂," one wrote in the comments.

While Padma epitomized self care in her recent post, it's certainly not her day-to-day routine. The Top Chef host eats a largely plant-based diet when she's off set, she told Women's Health in 2020.

For her daily diet, Padma splits her plate into halves: 50 percent fruits and vegetables; 50 percent simple carbs, starch, and lean protein, she previously explained to WH. She always starts her mornings with masala chai, and also enjoys blueberries, blackberries, lentils, and rice as some of her food staples.

Padma isn't super big on sweets, but she does like the occasional chilled dark chocolate (yum!) If she's looking for something to munch on late into the evening, Padma usually opts for nachos or pizza.

As for how Padma achieves her naked bathtub look at the gym, the cookbook author tries to exercise for around 90 minutes per day, up to five days a week. Her favorite workout? Jumping rope. She previously told WH that she jumps rope for around 35 minutes every day, which takes her to about 2,000 strokes. Wow!

Padma also enjoys Pilates, and does a practice with a trainer about twice a week. "Pilates changed my body. It made me strong in places I didn’t know I needed to be. I have a butt now that I didn’t have during my modeling career!” she told WH in 2020.

BRB, ordering pasta and wine for my own bathtub picnic. Thanks for the idea, Padma!

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