The Palace Is Hiring a Communications Assistant Amid Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories

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The Palace Is Hiring a Communications Assistant Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

Depending on who you ask, some people (everyone) might say that the Palace's handling of Kate Middleton's photoshop scandal and subsequent conspiracy theories has been....not great!

And now looks like they're hiring a new Communications Assistant. The job (which was posted on the royals' website) pays £25,642.50 per year, and key responsibilities include (but aren't limited to!):

  • "Assist senior colleagues with both proactive and reactive communications."

  • "Produce content for a variety of platforms, including media advisories, social media updates and feature articles."

  • "Responding to day to day media enquiries on a range of subjects, including about the work of members of the Royal Family."

  • "Provide logistical support to the media and the Royal Communications team."

I mean, clearly they need all the help they can get!

JFYI, this posting comes amid a friend of Kate's telling the Daily Beast that she and William are planning to "clear out" staffers once the "dust settles" on this scandal.

"She has been under incredible pressure for several years, and is now being harassed by the media over fuck-ups made by other people," the friend said. "How her office could have put out a picture without her ring when it was clearly going to be one of the most scrutinized pictures of all time is just unfathomable. And she is to blame? Sorry, no. That was their failure and they should have accepted the blame. They will clear out all those people when the dust settles."


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