Panera Is Looking for a Ranch Fan to Fill a Very Specific Role

Giddy up.

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In April, Panera added Ranch to its menus for the first time ever. And it was an instant hit. According to a statement provided to Food & Wine, the dressing sold out in its cafes around the nation, and Panera is "100% over forecasting for units sold of the Chicken Bacon Rancher on a weekly basis." So, with all that, Panera thought it prudent to hire for a brand-new position — Ranch Hand.

"With an unprecedented Ranch demand after launching our largest menu transformation in history … we are in need of a Ranch Hand to help wrangle the increase in demand," the company's new job listing reads.

This new hire, the posting continues, will "champion the call for Ranch at exciting locations across the country as they lend a hand behind counters, in the kitchen, and at the drive-thru to deliver on the Chicken Bacon Rancher cravings."

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With this job, the person has to be willing to get their hands dirty and do any task — big or small  that needs to be done to ensure hungry patrons get their hands on all the Ranch they desire. "This Ranch connoisseur will wrangle the enthusiasm and help make sure the people get what they want and NEED (their caps not ours) from this very important flavor."

Though the job is part-time, the listing notes that applicants must have a "full-time" love of Ranch.

The only qualifications are that you love Ranch, are an expert in Ranch pairing, and have exceptional guest service experience. The listing doesn't reveal the pay, but those interested in the position can email

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And in case you missed it, this menu update really was as big as Panera says. It included 21 new and updated offerings like the Chicken Bacon Rancher, along with four new salads like the Mediterranean Chicken Greens with Grains, the Southwest Chicken Ranch, the Balsamic Chicken Greens with Grains, and the all-important Ranch Cobb Salad. And just in case that's not good enough, there's also the new Bacon Mac & Cheese made with shell pasta in a blend of cheeses, including aged white cheddar sauce and topped with applewood smoked bacon, which honestly, could be delicious with some ranch on top. 

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