Is Paris Hilton's Kitchenware Hot Or Not? Here's What The Internet Says

Paris Hilton smirking at camera
Paris Hilton smirking at camera - Tinseltown/Shutterstock

American businesswoman and media personality Paris Hilton's celebrity expands into many cultural realms, including food. For example, a collaboration between Hilton and Taco Bell in June 2023 brought serious nostalgia vibes. In 2021, Hilton shared everything about her show "Cooking With Paris," like how for her it was a result of taking time to learn cooking skills and test out recipes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on that success, Hilton has a kitchenware line sold exclusively at Walmart. Walking down the aisles, it's hard to miss. This line, fittingly called "Be an Icon," is filled with eye-catching pink, golden accents, and hearts.

HIlton's kitchenware is nothing short of iconic. "Be an Icon" has everything one could need in the kitchen, including cookware, serving dishes, bakeware, a 10-piece knife and block set, plus a microwave popcorn popper. The pieces are a reflection of Hilton's chic style and her enjoyment of cooking, which she wants to pass on to others. "I feel like everyone should be able to feel like an icon, even in the kitchen," she told The Hollywood Reporter when the line was released in October 2023. Overall, it seems she is on her way to accomplishing the goal of sharing her passion for cooking according to commenters on social media.

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TikTok Shares Its Hot Pink Takes

Paris Hilton pink kitchenware set
Paris Hilton pink kitchenware set - Walmart

Paris Hilton's Walmart collection has been gaining some attention online recently. It seems like Walmart has stocked its shelves with the line (which has been good timing for the holidays and Valentine's Day) leaving shoppers tempted. One viral TikTok depicts a shopper's dilemma as they ask whether to buy the knife set or not. The comment section overwhelmingly responds "Yes," since how often do you come across a heart-shaped block for storing kitchen knives? One person wisely cautions, "I started with the knife set and ended up buying everything else and now I can't stop buying pink kitchen stuff!"

Other people on TikTok speculate about the quality of Hilton's set, asking "Is it even good quality... or is it just for the aesthetics?" A few commenters report having to return the kitchenware because "it melts and is made cheaply," which could be an issue for those who prioritize durability. As far as the knife set goes, overall positive reactions say the knives are "chef quality" and "sharp." Most of the items in the "Be an Icon" line are sold separately, excluding a 10-piece nonstick cookware set, so there's no need to commit to buying more pieces than those you want to try out. As commenter @lisha_chanel points out, "Paris always understood the assignment."

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