Pati Jinich's Secret For The Perfect Egg Scramble – Exclusive

Pati Jinich
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Celebrated chef Pati Jinich was born and raised in Mexico. She credits her upbringing with her profound love of food and her ingenuity in the kitchen, using local and seasonal ingredients to forge unique and nourishing flavor pairings. In addition to being a chef, Jinich is also an acclaimed television host and cookbook author -- her PBS series "Pati's Mexican Table" has a strong following and is the recipient of a James Beard Award.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Jinich shared her love of eggs, as well as her secret to cooking them. "I'm obsessed with eggs. I love eggs. I now not only use the fresh Eggland eggs but also the already hard-boiled Eggland eggs. They're so easy to do a chopped salad. I love chopped egg salad sandwiches," she shared.

While there are countless egg dishes that Jinich enjoys making, she has a particular soft spot for egg scrambles. When asked about her preferred egg scramble preparation, Jinich proclaimed, "I love them straight ... The egg in a soft scramble is a beautiful thing."

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Tips For A Simple And Delicious Egg Scramble

scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs - Billnoll/Getty Images

Many chefs have differing opinions about preparing scrambled eggs; some add milk, others butter, and a few opt for cream. But Jinich has a simpler approach. "You don't need to add anything to them as long as you know how to cook them ... I add a little bit of salt and then whatever I'm mixing them with," she said. During the latest season of "Pati's Mexican Table", Jinich began experimenting with chaya. "The chaya is a beautiful green leafy plant, very similar to spinach or watercress," she explained.

"[On the show], I made an easy scramble with caramelized onion, banana peppers, jalapeños, and chaya -- but you could also use spinach or watercress. Then, you make a scramble and you add a little salsita and avocado on top, and you have a feast," she revealed. "You can put the chaya scramble in breakfast tacos, or moms can make burritos for their kids."

Before you begin cooking your egg scramble, Jinich recommends ensuring your pan is very hot. "Once you pour the eggs in before you scramble, you reduce the heat to medium-low, so they cook slowly and gently thicken. Then, cook and scramble," she advised. One of the most important pieces of guidance she shares is to watch the pan carefully throughout the process. "You have to make sure that you don't overcook them so they don't become dry or rubbery," she noted.

For more from Pati Jinich, look for new episodes of "Pati's Mexican Table" on your local PBS station.

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