Paulina Porizkova slams 'clickbait' articles that take new book 'out of context'

Paulina Porizkova is opening up about how her ex-husband, Ric Ocasek, treated her while they were married. (Photo by Sergi Alexander/Getty Images)
Paulina Porizkova is opening up about how her ex-husband, Ric Ocasek, treated her while they were married. (Photo by Sergi Alexander/Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova is sharing her thoughts on her new book's reception.

The 57-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a "barefaced and unfiltered" selfie on the publication day of her new book, "No Filter: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful." The supermodel bared a makeup-free look with her hair tied back in a ponytail in the shot, where her eyes and nose look red and puffy.

"When I wrote my book, it was with the intention to put down on paper what shaped me to become the person I have become," Porizkova wrote in her post's caption. "I wasn't thinking about the result: That parts will be taken out of context and labeled for clickbait. I'm old enough to understand it's all a part of the process: If you put yourself out, bare yourself, it is with the knowledge that you give everyone the permission to have an opinion."

Porizkova added that by being open and allowing others to share their opinions, it's no wonder people aren't usually "raw and vulnerable."

In the essay collection, Porizkova opened up about the rampant, disturbing sexual assault she faced as a teen model. But the mom-of-two also explained that there are a lot of "clickbait" articles that are misconstruing her words.

"I have now seen a bunch of articles talking about my husband's 'toxic' behaviour — their words, not mine. My husband gave me the love I needed for a long time. And in return, he had expectations which I gladly fulfilled," Porizkova added in her post. "Was it a healthy love? Maybe not, but it was the love I needed and wanted at the time. It was what I chose. Nobody has ever loved me like he did. And no one ever will."

In 1989, Porizkova married singer-songwriter and The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. But in 2018, Porizkova announced on Instagram that the couple had been "peacefully separated" for the past year. While the duo remained legally married, Ocasek died in 2019 from heart disease worsened by emphysema.

"Now I chose to look back at this love with gratitude. It was the only time in my life I felt safe," Porizkova continued in her post. "Today, I don't need this safety. I've learned I can stand on my own. If you want to know the complexities of a marriage, read my book. If you decide to just go for clickbait, know you're getting someone else's opinion on what they skimmed through to find salacious details that would draw attention."

Fellow models, celebrities and fans showed their support and appreciation for Porizkova's vulnerability.

"Your clarity, honesty and eloquence is a gift and should be an example for all in how to conduct themselves," wrote model Carolyn Murphy.

"I'm sorry, Paulina. It is really tough when you bare your soul like this, and the clickbait machine grabs the narrative for some gossip. It's so personal when it is your own story. Thinking of you," Canadian author Tara Moss chimed in.

"I have so much admiration for your vulnerability and generosity of self. Sending you all the love, ignoring all the clickbait and very much looking forward to a slow and thoughtful read," added model Tara Lynn.

"Raw and vulnerable is not common, yes, and it's why we need you being you," penned author Sarah Pekkanen. "My copy just arrived. I've already read a few pages of your wise and graceful words. I think your book will help many women like me. Sending you a hug, my friend."

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