Paulina Porizkova, 57, says cosmetic surgeon used her photo to point out imperfections

Paulina Porizkova is responding to criticism from a cosmetic surgeon.

The model, 57, took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of herself, along with a caption about the social media interaction.

"I found this photo, which I have posted here before, (and thought I looked great in) reposted here on IG by a cosmetic surgeon, and discussing in detail what I needed done," she began. "Those pesky hollows under my cheeks could be gotten rid of with fillers, Botox for my forehead, those wrinkles on the side of my mouth, and the chords in my neck, and a whole bunch of lasers to tighten and smooth and tighten everything."

She said that the cosmetic surgeon's post has since been deleted, but that "this is what an older woman in the public eye gets to deal with."

"I'm told my face needs 'fixing.' It has somehow gone 'wrong' by aging," she continued. "Is it any wonder that most of us who have the means will resort to some forms of fixing what we're told is broken?"

Porizkova said that she has had laser treatments, as well as used a "plasma pen" because she wants to "strike a balance between being proud to look my age and still get to feel pretty at times."

"But telling a woman what she 'needs' to do herself in order to be seen as attractive, whether it's hair color, makeup, [skin] creams or clothing - or the more invasive options - is shaming her. Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying 'you know, you should…' to a friend, stop for a moment," she wrote. "If she doesn't ask for help, are you really helping? Find what you think is beautiful in your friends and point it out. The best way to support one another is to celebrate what is already there."

Porizkova has long been an advocate for older women in Hollywood, who she believes are often made to feel invisible. In April, she posted a photo of herself in a bikini, alongside a comment from a social media user criticizing her for posting these kinds of pictures at her age.

"Because 'Old' is 'Ugly,'" Porizkova wrote of the comment in her Instagram caption. "I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body. This is the ageist shaming that sets my teeth on edge. Older men are distinguished, older women are ugly. People who believe prettiness equals beauty do not understand beauty. Pretty is easy on the eyes, partly because it’s a little bland, inoffensive. It's easy to take in and easy to forget."

Earlier that month, she also reminded people to celebrate their imperfections in a heartfelt Instagram post.

"When I love someone, lover or friend, I find them the most beautiful people in the world," the model shared. "Sure, I see and can admire their 'perfections,' eyes, skin, legs, jawlines, hair, lips - but it's their IMPERFECTIONS, their so-called-flaws, that make me swoon. It's those that make me tender and faint with my love for them."

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