Paulina Porizkova says she's 'very proud' of this 'powerful' magazine cover — here's why

Porizkova graced the cover of ELLE Czechia.

Paulina Porizkova goes topless in empowering photo for ELLE Magazine. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Paulina Porizkova goes topless in empowering photo for ELLE Magazine. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova is defying ageism.

The renowned supermodel, 58, recently graced the cover of ELLE Magazine in Czechia, in an empowering and controversial photo. Porizkova wore nothing but silver paint on her chest, turning the cover into a visual statement against societal norms aging expectations.

She paired the photo with a heartfelt caption opening up about her decision to bare it all.

"Yes, I'm topless, but the silver paint on my skin is like an armour," she wrote. "The silver deflects darkness and reflects light, but allows me to feel everything."

Porizkova's upbringing significantly influences her perspective on nudity and self-expression, she explained, writing, "I was brought up in a culture and time where nudity was common and absolutely accepted as a part of being human.

"I was never made to feel ashamed of an unclothed body, mine or anyone else's."

"As long as it is my choice to undress, it actually makes me feel strong," Porizkova declared. "It makes me feel like I have nothing to hide. This is where my power lies."

Porizkova recalled a conversation with her partner, Jeff Greenstein, who described her as "the most powerful person in the room" during the shoot. "And that is what I see in this photo," she penned. "A woman who is not ashamed for being exactly who she is. A woman who refuses to be shamed."

In the comments, fans applauded Porizkova's powerful sentiment.

"You are vulnerable, honest, unapologetically yourself. You're inspiring to women of all ages," an Instagram user wrote.

"Wow. Such a powerful image yet soft too. A knowing of letting go of what is expected and just being. Incredible," commented another.

A fan added: "Love everything about this."

"This is so powerful! Thank you for showing up as unapologetically you! You remind us 'old ladies' that we are allowed at the table!" someone weighed in.

In September, the anti-ageism advocate sparked a conversation about the representation of elderly women in media alongside a photo of her face — "wrinkles" and all — on the front cover of Marianne magazine.

"Look, a woman with wrinkles on the cover of a magazine. Representation matters," Porizkova began in her post's caption. "This is something underrepresented groups know all too well. Being represented means being validated. There is a space for you in the world."

"Despite owning a few mirrors, I find representation of women with wrinkles in the media almost, shocking?" she pointed out.

"In a world of almost bland perfection, it's this pause that makes [us] stop scrolling and take a moment to actually see a woman with wrinkles! She looks like me! And I feel, relief? I'm not the only one to look like this," Porizkova wrote.

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