People Are Dragging Nancy Pelosi For Her Cringey Comments About TikTok

People Are Dragging Nancy Pelosi For Her Cringey Comments About TikTok

Today, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to require the sale of TikTok to a US company or force an outright ban.

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And, yeah, people are fightin' mad!

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One clip in particular from the hearing is going viral showing Nancy Pelosi addressing the House.

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Here's the clip:

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As you can see, she says, "This is not an attempt to ban TikTok. It's an attempt to make TikTok better. Tic-tac-toe. A winner. A winner."

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Which, like, what????

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Most people are equally confused.

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A few people like what she had to say.

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But most people are like, "What the hell are they even doing in Congress anymore?!"

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This person said, "not a single human under the age of 50 in that room, i promise you that."

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"Every day, politicians continue to stupefy me with how out-of-touch and fundamentally useless they are," another person said.

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The overall sentiment is that of surprise: "These are the people that make major decisions for us as a country."

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The bill will now go to the Senate, where its future is up in the air.

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I guess let's see what Congress does next.*

*Probably nothing.