People With "Extremely Attractive" Partners Are Venting About What They Have To Deal With

Unfortunately, we live in a society that prioritizes people who are extremely attractive. So what's life like for an average-looking person dating someone with "pretty privilege," you might wonder? In a Reddit thread started by u/teendreamred, people opened up about their experiences having super hot partners. Here are 14 eye-opening anecdotes:

1."I’d been standing at a bar talking to her, and a random girl came up and did the body block/initiate conversation thing to 'save' her from me."

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2."During our engagement photos, the big, juiced-up photographer said, 'YOU are the groom?' Kinda fun."


3."Her 'friends' kept trying to get her to come to her senses and dump me. Fifteen years and two kids later, none of those friends are left."


4."It can be tough because I see all the women staring at him all the time. He's in a profession where he deals with lots of women all day long, and I see the longing in their eyes because he is not only gorgeous but brilliant and funny. He thinks I'm more attractive than him. I'm not. But also, watching him take his clothes off is the very, very bestest ever."

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5."I once dated a guy 'out of my league,' and the reality is that I was very insecure and felt uncomfortable when we went to places where there were many pretty girls. I felt that I wasn't enough for him and that he'd look at another really pretty girl...Thank god I am working on that in therapy."


6."Years ago, I brought my girlfriend (now wife) to Texas to meet my mom for the first time. Everything went normally. The first time my mom and I were alone, she turned to me and said, 'You must be really good in bed.'"


7."My significant other is WAY more attractive than me. Other girls fawn over him. It doesn’t bother me because I know where his heart lies. We were out on a date one night, and every time I walked away to go to the restroom or to get a drink, I would come back to some skinny little thot in my seat. He would be polite but never flirtatious. Then he'd calmly tell them to move so his girl could sit back down. On a different night I had a bartender tell me I didn’t have a shot with the 'grey-eyed guy.' I was already living with the 'grey-eyed guy.'"

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8."At first, it took quite a long time to gain her full trust. More than once, she had been lied to or manipulated by men to try to get in her pants. And it's also hard for me sometimes. She is getting hit on regularly, even if I'm there. I fully trust her, but it adds a bit of stress when I don't feel good due to work stress or fatigue or when our relationship is a bit down (like everything, it has its ups and downs). I have to relax and remind myself deep down that she loves me."


9."It feels fucking weird, dude. But she has reassured me enough, and I've seen her politely turn away half a dozen guys over the years, so I accept it these days. It was a hazard for a while sending her to pick up our pre-orders from GameStop because she'd get to talking with the guy behind the counter about her favorite games, and then it would end up with him knocking on the car window to ask her out. She let him down easy, and I didn't get upset. I get it."


10."I was in a long-term relationship with a woman who looked like a supermodel. Six feet tall, skinny, heart-shaped face, etc. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. I was in shock the first time we made out. I just stared at her for hours and kissed her like I was in a daze. I soon figured out that when you're with a woman like this, literally every dude will hit on her constantly. When she was nine months pregnant, dudes were slipping her phone numbers. It was so insane..."

"...She definitely had a personality flaw. She thought she was better than everybody else, but was really good at being pretend nice to people. To make a long story short, she completely destroyed me. She cheated on me three weeks before the wedding and was ‘appalled’ that I called it off. ln her words, ‘No one breaks up with me; I break up with them.’ She, to this day, thinks that I was the shitty person for calling it off. Fuck, she was so impossible."


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11."We’re a queer couple, which I think contributes to people assuming we CANNOT be together. I must be her weird friend she’s dragged out with her. And even when girls KNOW I’m her partner, they’ll hit on her in front of me, side-eyeing me like I’m a symbol of her low self-esteem. We get offered a lot of three-ways and group sex where the subtext is obviously, 'I want to sleep with her, and you can also be there...'"

"...Fortunately, she is obsessed with me, which makes it easy not to get jealous. We’re best friends. I’m obsessed with her, and while her looks are a big perk, the real reason is we just get each other. We’ll go to parties and spend the whole time giggling with each other in a corner."


12."I've dated two 10/10s. Both girls acted like they knew the whole room was staring at them. One of them, in particular, changed her whole vibe whenever we would go somewhere and go inside. She would act like the cameras were rolling, and oftentimes, I could tell she wasn’t even listening to what I had said like she was trying to capture how many people were looking at her without being obvious (and pretending to be looking at me, except she was looking through me)."


13."It’s annoying. I know my husband is hot and gets more attractive with age. I’ve had two kids and been through some rough stuff mentally, which has aged me. Kinda sucks. One night, we were out at a bar, and some drunk girl tried to flirt with him while I was in the bathroom. I walked up to him since he was holding my drink. She looked me up and down and said, 'Wait…he’s with YOU?!' I’m not a violent person, but I almost punched her in the throat."

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14.And finally, "It's AMAZING. She's the best ever, but she goes to another school, so I can't show you pics."


Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.