People Are Freaking Out Over The Way Steak Is Prepared At Subway: 'I Will Never Recover From This'

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People Are Freaking Out Over Steak At SubwayPeter Dazeley - Getty Images

A few years ago, Subway launched an entire website to prove that its tuna is real after facing harsh criticism from customers. And unfortunately for the sandwich shop, it has once again come under fire because of the way its food is being prepared

In a video that has gone viral, a Subway worker can be seen turning a large piece of steak into smaller, sandwich-size portions. The person starts the prep by cutting open the plastic packaging that contains the hunk of meat.

From there, the meat is dumped into a large plastic container and broken down into smaller pieces by hand. After the meat has been scrambled up, it's then divided into individual 2.5 oz. portions.

subway steak tiktok
@howfoodismade / TikTok

The video has received well over 4,000 comments from users shocked by the bizarre preparation of the sandwich meat.

"This is why I’ll only ever get the deli meat," said one person.

"I will never recover from this," another user added.

subway steak tiktok
@howfoodismade / TikTok

Quite a few former Subway workers also chimed in, confirming that the steak prep is similar to what they experienced.

"I worked at subway and still have nightmares abt [sic] prepping the teriyaki chicken," said a former employee.

There was even one former Subway worker who says they were traumatized after their time spent at the restaurant.

"I was a subway manager it traumatised me so much I don't go to subway anymore," they wrote.

subway steak tiktok
@howfoodismade / TikTok

And then, there were those who remained pretty unfazed by all the meat scrambling.

"Still getting that Philly cheese steak tomorrow," read one comment.

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