TikTokers Who Lived In An "Ingredient Household" Are Exposing The Things They Eat For Dinner And It's Not Pretty

If you don't know what an "ingredient-only" household is, consider yourself elite.

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It is a home where people grew up knowing there are tons of random ingredients in their household, but not really enough to make an entire meal...

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However, there was always plenty of condiments. And a lot of times it was considered a main ingredient in whatever concoction you could come up with to eat.

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Those of us who know are bonded for life, and although our plates were sometimes sad, we managed to get by.

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Anyway, the "ingredient-only" community is quite large on TikTok — with millions of people relating. There you will find people sharing exactly what is in their kitchen at the moment:

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Like TikTok user @iscabirddrdom whose home has an array of condiments, an assortment of legumes, leftovers no one will eat, shredded cheese, and tons of spices:

And TikToker @dessie.mccormickhome's childhood home features Ritz crackers, saltines, butter, pasta noodles, pretzels, expired cinnamon, and a tub of icing:

TikToker @joyruthhh enjoys a plate of plain tortilla chips with melted shredded cheese on top for dinner in her "ingredient-only" household:

User @megancalcutt whips up some butter, oatmeal, and peanut butter for a little snack in her "ingredient-only" house:

But TikToker @emmmmerrrrrrrs's is more simple, just a spoonful of peanut butter topped with some chocolate chips:

@nobodyyy7777 is a real creative here, making cucumber with mustard, apples with Gatorade drink powder, plain ginger, and parmesan cheese:

In @reganalexxis's home, she eats random canned goods, panko bread crumbs, and white rice:

You'll eat bread and slices of cheese, marshmallow, or croutons if you come to @rjoleach's house:

And at @cecelia450's house you'll find yourself eating frozen blueberries, plain dry tortillas, shredded coconut, or pepperonis:

Phew, the weight of the world is really on the shoulders of people who grew up in "ingredient-only" households. If you were raised in one, let us know what wild concoctions you made in the comments below!

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