People Are Saying Busch Light's Super Bowl Ad With Sarah McLachlan Is a "Masterpiece"

People Are Saying Busch Light's Super Bowl Ad With Sarah McLachlan Is a "Masterpiece"

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away, and while we're eagerly awaiting the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles (current obsession: Travis and Jason Kelce's parents), we all know it's about more than the big game. That's right, while we'll be glued to the plays on the field, we're also here for the chicken wings, the music (Chris Stapleton! Rihanna!), and the commercials.

This year's lineup of commercials stands to be a great one, but this Busch Light spot is currently leading the charge as our 2023 favorite. It's the pairing of a light beer with Grammy Award-winning singer/animal rights activist Sarah McLachlan that is so unexpectedly funny. The use of Sarah's song "Angel," known from her heart-breaking and memorable ASPCA commercials, puts it over the edge. But, you should watch it for yourself.

The Beer company shared the video on their Instagram page paired with the caption, "The Busch Guide: Cold + Smooth Survival Skills. Gonna #HeadForTheMountains during the Big Game? You’ll need Food. Busch Light. And… @officialsarahmclachlan?"

Fans flooded the comments section and left messages:

  • Super Bowl commercial champions!!

  • Love the ad!! Winner for superbowl commercial 2023!

  • Y’all nailed it!! Congrats, Busch team!!

  • top tier commercial

  • Sarah has a great sense of humor

  • Masterpiece

Football fans may remember last year's Busch Light Super Bowl commercial, which featured a just-as-unexpected appearance by Kenny G.

Editor's note: In all seriousness, there are many ways you can donate to the ASPCA, find out here.

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