People Are Saying Lainey Wilson and LL Cool J's Super Bowl Ad Is "Epic"

People Are Saying Lainey Wilson and LL Cool J's Super Bowl Ad Is "Epic"
  • Coors released their 2024 Super Bowl commercial ahead of the big game.

  • Lainey Wilson makes her first ever Super Bowl cameo in the Coors commercial

  • LL Cool J stars as the Chill Train conductor

This Super Bowl Sunday, Taylor Swift isn't the only female artist to be on the lookout for. Country music star and Yellowstone alum Lainey Wilson will be making her Super Bowl commercial debut at Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11, 2024!

The CMA Entertainer of the Year will make a cameo in Coors's "The Return of the Coors Light Chill Train" ad, alongside rapper LL Cool J, as a part of her larger partnership with Coors in 2024. The Coors Light Chill Train, which has been a part of Coors branding since 2005, is finally making its return to television after 12 years.

The ad begins with a woman introducing her boyfriend to her family on game day, but he's wearing the wrong team's jersey. The break the tension, the woman suggests they have a Coors which summons the Chill Train from the snow capped Rockies. Chill Train conductor LL Cool J passes through a gas station, a suburban neighborhood, past Lainey Wilson on a movie set, onto a beach, through a wedding ceremony and finally directly into the family’s house.

Wilson is seen posing with a horse and her guitar in front of a western backdrop in her bell bottoms and a cowgirl hat. "I think my family's going to freak out when they see me on a commercial during the Super Bowl," Lainey Wilson told Billboard. "It was such a dream to be in my first big game day and just help reintroduce the Coors Light iconic Chill Train to bring a little bit of that chill that everybody needs."

We know for sure that fans are already freaking out, with many of them calling the commercial "epic." "[This is] the way commercials are supposed to be made," one person wrote under the YouTube video. "I don't even drink Coors but I'm go for a 6 pack with this cool marketing," another wrote." This makes me feel gooooood," said another.

Look out for Wilson's Super Bowl Commercial debut during the first half of the game, and watch for her in the stands of Allegiant Stadium! "I'm excited to see me some Usher, and I'm excited for the game, too. This is my second year to ever go to the Super Bowl, and any time you get invited to go to the Super Bowl, you go. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm getting to go with some of my friends and other artists. It's going to be a party," Wilson said.

Twenty twenty-four is shaping up to be a huge year for Lainey already, and we can't wait to see her on Super Bowl Sunday!

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