People Are Sharing The Boomer Trends They're Ready To See Go Extinct, And I Don't Disagree

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which boomer trends and beliefs they think should go the way of the dinosaurs. Here are the behaviors they'd like to see go extinct:

1."The 'customer is always right' excuse, and not allowing employees to adequately defend themselves. The customer is the CUSTOMER. The service you get is a privilege, not a right, and you better believe you can be denied service."


2."The 'workhorse' mentality they want in employees. My job does not need to be my life when I’m getting paid a Medicare wage. My sanity is worth more to me than my work. Quit asking your employees to give all of their energy to their jobs."


Moira rose telling a child, "you will work until it hurts"

3."How about their racism? It's on the surface, covered by jokes, innuendos, bad stories, etc. If you point it out or try to educate them, they flip out. It's not that hard. Do better."


4."Being completely ignorant when it comes to technology. My father refuses to even get Wi-Fi and any kind of computer at home because 'that's how they get you.' I am his personal online shopper, his look-it-up person, everything. It's really annoying that he won't educate himself on even the BASICS."


Homer Simpson struggling with a computer

5."Their politics that serve no one but the very wealthy. I don't know why they consistently vote against their own best interest out of spite."


6."It's probably a small issue compared to some of the others on here, but I do wish that people of older generations would stop just randomly showing up to visit without checking if it's okay first. It takes no time at all to send a message or call in advance. It may not specifically be a 'boomer' thing, but I don't know anyone under the age of 40 who does this."


A sitcom neighbor showing up unannounced

7."Boomers love to slut shame younger women online. For example, the young woman whose homecoming dress was a topic for judgment with boomers."


8."Making youngsters feel bad for not buying their own house. Damn, you could buy a house for the price of a coffee, whereas we’re stuck in the rent cycle for years, then shamed for little pleasures like avocado toast."


A new set of house keys and moving boxes
Westend61 / Getty Images/Westend61

9."Calling instead of texting (except in the case of an emergency). In an age where it's possible for me to respond to you at my leisure, as opposed to having to drop everything I'm doing to pay immediate attention to you, why bother with the hassle of giving me a direct call?"


10."Anything that treats alcoholism like a quirky personality trait and not a serious problem. My parents are particularly notorious for doing this, and it's not okay at all."


Julia louise dreyfus smiling with a wine bottle

11."Whining about how millennials and Gen Z are all entitled brats because we got participation trophies. Yeah, we got them, but you were the ones down at the trophy shop buying them for us. Reap what you sow."


12."Supporting a political candidate just because they represent a particular party, regardless of their behavior, and loyalty to that party no matter what. You’re allowed to think a candidate is a piece of garbage. You don’t need to always vote red/blue if that’s not the best candidate."


13."Obsessive yard work. Mowing the lawn and picking up every blade of grass is not a personality trait."


An old man cutting his grass with a pair of scissors.
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14."When they talk about a sexual assault, they blame the victim and what the victim wore. They say the victim asked for it by wearing revealing clothes."


15."Constantly voting against anything that could make having kids easier, and then complaining about declining birth rates."


Jessica Day saying, "i'm not having kids until i'm 80"

16."The need to recant how when they were kids, they 'played outside in the dirt with sticks, because they didn't need electronics.' But if they had electronics when they were kids, I'm damn sure they would've rather played with those than head outside to play in dirt."


17.The 'We went through it, and so do you!' mentality."


18.And finally, "I'm a boomer, and we must stop throwing our old-school views on how to be successful and achieve goals. Shut up with the, 'The way I did it was...' and, 'All you need to do is...' Those do not even remotely apply to the younger generations. Your advice is neither useful or helpful. Just stop."

Rose in golden girls saying "enough already"

Are there any boomer trends/mentalities you're not too fond of? Share them in the comments.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.