People Are Sharing Signs Of Bad Parenting, And There's Definitely Some Spicy Opinions

Sometimes, you see a parenting crisis in the wild and wonder if there were some, uh, better decisions that could've been made on the parents' end.

A woman pulling her child roughly by the arm
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Redditor u/weird-daddy-69 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What immediately tells you someone is a trashy parent?" Now, it's not nice to be judgmental, but perhaps there are some truths — or, at the very least, some sound advice — that follows here:

1."Zero interest in the kid. Doesn’t care what they do or what happens to them, as long as they don’t inconvenience them."


2."Taking your child's emotions and using it at a family gathering to get a laugh out of everybody. Your child will be so embarrassed because of you and will not talk to you in the future. I‘m 30, and my mother still does this to me sometimes. The difference today is, I will talk back in front of the whole family, and suddenly, she's embarrassed."


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3."Social media influencers whose entire content is their children, people who publicly punish their kids online, parents who give out way too many details about their children, giving them lack of privacy — child exploitation at its finest."


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4."Refusing to believe their kid can do wrong."


5."Someone who treats the child from their old marriage like shit because they're no longer with that child's parent."


6."Parents who can’t apologize to a child. It’s okay to have human emotions, to be triggered or struggling, and lash out or be wrong — but, for the love of all things good, APOLOGIZE AND CHANGE."


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7."Actively making the child feel guilty for expressing their own opinions in an effort to make themselves feel better."


8."Parents who believe that their children 'owe' them for providing basic care."


9."Dumping the whole container of candy into their kids' Halloween bag."


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10."Punishing kids with haircuts, less food, less attention, or taking their door — especially for things like asking too many questions or 'talking back' just because they didn't understand something."


11."Your adult children don’t talk to you and you 'don’t know' why."


12."Not believing your child and calling them a liar to anyone who will listen."


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13."Badmouthing their ex after a divorce to them and turning them against the other parent. Using kids as leverage in general."


14."Smoking in the car with your kids inside it."


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15."Prioritizing your phone over your kid."


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16."Parents who accuse the teacher of doing everything wrong instead of holding their child accountable for ANYTHING."


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17."Participating in child beauty pageants. You didn't put your daughter into the 6-month-old angel baby dream category to boost her self-esteem. That was for you."


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And finally...

18."Ironically, never thinking you're a bad parent."


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