People Are Stunned After College Student Goes Viral For Eating Over 6,300 Calories A Day

college kid eats on tiktok
Student Shocks TikTok With What He Eats In A Day@troycicotte / TikTok

I spent much of my college years eating dining hall food and drinking jungle juice like my metabolism was never going to catch up. And while I think most co-eds can say they had a similar experience, TikTok's Troy Cicotte still managed to shock the internet with his own diet.

The social media-savvy college student, who currently boasts 46,000 followers on the platform, shared a "what I eat in a day" video that included, well, a lot of food. "I'm 6’5’’, 19 [years old], 175 pounds," @troyboi starts the video, which has garnered well over a million views in just five days. "This is what I ate in a day."

The college freshman immediately starts his morning with a chicken cup, two cheese sticks, two packs of nuts, two protein bars, and two eggs—and that's not even his breakfast. After finishing his workout, Cicotte heads to the dining hall for his first official meal of the day, which included a "giant thing" of overnight oats, breakfast pizza, bagel, and banana.

The rest of the day looks pretty similar. He continues to pound chicken cups throughout the day (for "gains," he clarifies) and has three entire plates of food for dinner, including two cheeseburgers. "Man they be giving me way too much food here," he says in a voiceover. "I’m taking advantage of all this. I’m going nuts."

Cicotte finishes the day with dessert, a protein shake, and yep, you guessed it, more chicken cups.

Naturally, internet went wild over Troy's impressive appetite. "Bro ate like 7 things already then said 'and then lunch,'" one user wrote, with another chiming in, "Right??? When he had a whole meal then “went to breakfast” like, what was the last 30s of the video? lmao."

"This what they mean when they say kids will eat you out of house & home," a third person wrote.

One person was so invested in the dude's intake, that they calculated his calorie intake. "I’m sorry but i literally had to this is insane," they wrote on Twitter, along a full breakdown of his entire day's diet, which ultimately totaled to over 6,300 in calories.

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