Tell Me How You And Your Partner Keep The Peace If You Vote Differently

Politics in America right now are inescapable, and how you vote can heavily affect how people judge you.

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For some romantic relationships, a difference in voting doesn't mean much, while others may see it as a serious issue.

Two individuals at voting booths with "VOTE" banners, American flag in background, indicating a polling place
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So, I know it's hard for people with partners who vote differently than them, but it's time to have that conversation: How do you keep the peace if you vote differently?

Maybe your partner's political views heavily shifted in the last few years, and you've agreed to keep your votes private to avoid any arguments.

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Or maybe your partner's voting choices strayed so far away from your own that it caused heated fights and ended the relationship?

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Or maybe you and your partner have respectful political debates at home, but when it's time to vote, you agree to disagree.

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We want to hear it all! People with partners who vote differently than them, how has that impacted your relationship, and how do you keep the peace? Let us know in the comments below or in this anonymous Google Form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.