Persimmon Is The Slept-On Fruit For The Creamiest Smoothies

persimmon smoothie and whole persimmons
persimmon smoothie and whole persimmons - Rimma Bondarenko/Shutterstock

Persimmons are an underrated yet versatile fruit used for everything from creating delicious dessert sauces to garnishing a fresh salad. Coming into peak season during late autumn and early winter, this Asian fruit commonly grown in the southern parts of the United States offers a deliciously sweet flavor almost comparable to honey. This honey-like, soft flesh of the persimmon is also the perfect secret weapon for your next and best smoothie.

Fuyu persimmons, the ones that look like small tomatoes, are the most common variety you'll find when persimmons are in season at your local grocery store. They ripen fairly quickly and can be eaten when the skin is semi-squishy to very soft to the touch, making them the best choice for your smoothie. These persimmons are similar to apples in their crispness but when combined in a blender with your other smoothie ingredients, make for a smooth sweet treat.

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Persimmon Varieties For Smoothies: Fuyus Vs. Hachiyas

persimmons on table
persimmons on table - Ekspansio/Getty Images

The two main types of persimmons, Fuyus and Hachiyas, have some key differences that will impact your smoothie-making efforts. While Fuyus are more flat and tomato-shaped, Hachiyas are more shaped like an oval. Hachiyas take a bit longer to ripen, which you'll definitely want to wait for if using them in a smoothie. Eat them too soon and you'll be left with an unpleasant, tart taste. You'll know they're ready when they are extremely spongy and soft to the touch.

Many fruits require you to peel the skin before mixing them into a smoothie or juice, but should you eat the persimmon skin? This answer depends on which kind of persimmon you're using. Fuyu persimmons can go into your smoothie with the skin on, but make sure to peel the skin if you use Hachiyas instead. No matter which persimmon variety you use, don't forget to remove the stems and leaves. Overall, Fuyus are the more accessible and approachable persimmon, making them your best bet for a smoothie, but Hachiyas can work great as well. Both will give you your most surprising, sweetest, creamiest smoothie yet!

Making A Delightful Persimmon Smoothie

persimmon smoothie in glass with mint
persimmon smoothie in glass with mint - Zhanna Vakhlakova/Shutterstock

Although persimmons can add a deliciously unique touch to your next smoothie, you can get some help from some other smoothie-favorite fruits to balance the flavors as well. Mango is an excellent choice as a companion to your persimmons here, as it's similarly bright in flavor and helps create a creamy smoothie. Add in your favorite milk beverage, dairy or non-dairy, and you've got the basics ready to go.

Now you can vary your smoothie with a few choice extra ingredients. Add in your favorite nut butter for a savory-salty bite and additional creaminess like almond butter. And if you want your smoothie even sweeter, no harm done in drizzling in some honey, agave, or maple syrup as well. A cinnamon spice blend would be perfect for adding to the cozy autumnal feeling of your in-season persimmon, or spice it up with a dash of cayenne. Use more of these ingredients if you plan to prep a couple of servings of the smoothie a few days in advance!

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