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I tried this viral wake-up light alarm clock — here's why I'm never going back

This alarm clock will change the way you wake up.

I tried the Philip's Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock to see if it was worth the hype (photo via Alice Prendergast)
I tried the Philips's Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock to see if it was worth the hype (photo via Alice Prendergast)

A Yahoo Canada shopping contributor tested out the ever-popular Philips Wake-Up Light to see if it lived up to the hype.

Here's what you need to know at a glance:

  • 💵 Price: $140 $180 CAD

  • ⏰ Used for: Two years

  • ⭐ Our rating: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Reasons to buy: You hate your beeping alarm and want to wake up peacefully.

  • ✋ Reasons to avoid: If you sleep with an eye mask on and aren’t affected by changes in light.

Let’s face it, alarm clocks aren’t usually something worth chatting about. In fact, up until I got the Philips Wake-Up Light, I was using my phone as my wake-up call. But since I started using this viral clock two years ago, it’s radically changed how I get out of bed in the morning. I’m less cranky and I’m not tempted to crack my phone (again) by knocking it off my bedside table.

And I’m not the only one singing its praises. Amazon reviewers are just as impressed as I am. It has a whopping 13,000 reviews — and that number keeps growing.

To see why shoppers are as obsessed as I am, read on.

Philips Wake-Up Light

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$140 at Amazon

The details

This isn’t your average alarm clock. Instead of beeping away at you, it’ll rouse you from your slumber by mimicking the sunrise and playing gentle noises (they get louder as the light gets brighter). But it’s not just a one-trick pony — it’s also a radio and you can use the light mechanism independently of the alarm when you don’t want to keep your ultra-bright overheads on before bed.

And, if you have trouble winding down at the end of the day, you can basically reverse the wake-up function and have it dim like a sunset.

Why I love it

I, like many others, am not a fan of beeping alarms. Sure, they get the job done, but when I use them, I typically wake up groggy and with a bit of anxiety. The Philips Wake-Up Light is just as efficient but it makes me feel like I’m waking up naturally.

Also, the sounds are great. I have mine set to waves and they get louder and louder as the light gets brighter. Again, this is way more soothing in the morning than incessant beeping. There are four other sounds to choose from, including birds chirping and classical music, or you can go for the radio if you want to wake up to the news.

Not only has it made waking up easier, but I’m much less cranky after using it (which is a true blessing for anyone who’s less than peachy in the morning).

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock (Photo via Amazon Canada)
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock (Photo via Amazon Canada)

What others are saying

The reviewers on Amazon Canada are just as excited as I am about the Philips Wake-Up Light. It’s earned itself more than 13,400 customer reviews, with an average star rating of 4.4 stars.

One reviewer says that they find themselves “happier and less cranky” when they use the sunrise feature, and many others agree. They credit the growing light and peaceful nature sounds, which they swear make a huge difference compared to the “buzzsaw sounds of most alarms.”

Still not convinced? Reviewers with kids say the sunset feature is great for putting little ones to bed. One person says the real hack is setting it to half an hour, and their little one is usually snoozing before the room goes dark.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock (Photo via Amazon Canada)
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock (Photo via Amazon Canada)

$140 $180 at Amazon

And you won’t have to worry about it breaking on you within the first year. One reviewer used their Philips Wake-Up Light for 15 years and loved it so much that they ordered a new one when it conked out (I actually have a friend with a similar story, so I can attest to its lasting power).

The only downside is that if you're someone who sleeps with a mask on or isn't affected by changes to light around you, this might not do the trick that a traditional clock does.

Final thoughts

As someone who loathes and detests the sound of my phone alarm, this has been a godsend. It puts me in a better mood upon waking up and I love that I can use it at night on a dimmed setting instead of using my ultra-bright overheads. If you’re tired of pressing snooze, waking up cranky, and want something that won’t mess with your room decor, this will be your knight in shining armour.

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