Photos: Wildfires ravage West Kelowna as historic season continues in Canada

West Kelowna, B.C. is the latest Canadian region to grab the world's attention amid a historic wildfire season, as blazes ravage the area.

Thousands are fleeing, as the fire is being described as "exponentially worse" than previously expected, according to the chief of the West Kelowna fire department Jason Brolund.

The McDougall Creek wildfire is advancing rapidly, destroying homes and other structures in the Okanagan area. It's been reported by the BC Wildfire Service that the McDougall Creek wildfire has grown six times in size from Thursday night to Friday.

States of emergencies have been declared as a result, as well as evacuation orders. According to experts, it's hard to predict when there'll be an end in sight, as fires across Canada go uncontrolled.

"Some fires will actually last over the winter, they get deep into the ground and the peat moss, and then in the spring they’ll fire up again," said Terri Lang, meteorologist, Environment and Climate Change Canada to Yahoo Canada, while discussing the country's future with wildfires.

As well as in B.C., other fires have made their mark across Canada, which also currently includes fires in the North West Territories, as terrifying images of the disasters are shared online.