Pinterest predicts these trends will come back in 2020

Alyssa Tria
Shopping Editor
Pinterest predicts these trends will come back in 2020

Pinterest has launched its annual trend report and unveil its predictions of the top trends for 2020, which are based on users’ saved searches. The latest Pinterest 100 forecast includes themes like Beyond Binary, Conscious Consumption and Pampered Pets, but also a lot of ‘90s inspiration.

While Gen Z discovers ‘90s culture for the first time, millennials get to relive their favourite nostalgic trends, from fashion to music and entertainment.

'90s cartoons

‘90s cartoons

Your favourite childhood cartoon movies and series are making a comeback thanks to Disney+, with shows like Nickelodeon’s “Rugrats” being rebooted. Pins for “‘90s cartoon” saw a 227 per cent increase this year.

Grunge fashion

Some might argue that this trend hasn’t budged, but this low-key style continues to ride high with the resurgence of combat boots, babydoll dresses, flannels and oversized outerwear. Searches and pins for ‘‘‘90s fashion grunge” skyrocketed up by 292 per cent this year.

‘90s music

‘90s music

Oldies, classics, or whatever you want to call them, nothing beats the heavy rotation of the ‘90s hits. Should we be expecting covers and remixes? Pinterest users say maybe. From Weezer to Dr. Dre, the term “‘90s music artists” saw a 165 per cent rise in 2019.

Lip gloss

This year’s return of juicy, shiny lips had beauty lovers everywhere swapping out their matte lipsticks for shimmery lip gloss. Trends like “lip liner” and “gloss” saw a 144 per cent boost in pins.

Hair clips

Tortoiseshell or butterfly, beaded or bedazzled, there’s no denying the power of small hair accessories. With high-fashion runways and street style approval, the term “Hair clips ‘90s” saw a 930 per cent boost in searches and pins. Speaking of hair accessories, hair scrunchies saw a whopping 6,309 per cent increase in searches.

‘90s streetwear

Thanks to the revival of retro sneakers from Nike and Reebok, ‘90s-inspired streetwear will continue to dominate the new year with trends like cropped baby T-shirts, nylon pants, fanny packs, bucket hats and more. “Streetwear ‘90s” saw a 277 per cent spike in searches and pins this year.

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