Plane Passenger's Photo of Someone's Coat Covering Seatback TV Screen Sparks Debate: 'Ready to Get Triggered?'

The passenger had users divided on Reddit, as some argued they should have spoken up while others claimed it’s the flight attendant’s job to notice

<p>Alamy</p> Unobstructed screen on a Delta flight


Unobstructed screen on a Delta flight
  • A plane passenger sparked a heated conversation on Reddit after sharing a photo of someone’s jacket covering their seatmate’s TV screen 

  • Commenters were outraged that the flight attendant didn’t notice or that the passenger didn’t ask for the jacket to be removed

An airline passenger is sparking quite the debate after sharing a photo of their seatmate’s seatback TV screen covered by the jacket of the person sitting in front of them.

In the snap shared by user @WheatlyWoodson on the r/Delta subreddit, a brown jacket belonging to the passenger sitting in the row in front of them can be seen wrapped around the top of their seat. The jacket completely blocks the TV screen of the middle seat passenger sitting behind them, which appears to be the original poster’s (OP) seatmate.

“Ready to get triggered?” they captioned the post, prompting a frenzy of comments below. 

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The OP noted that the passenger whose screen was being blocked “said she wasn't going to say anything, so neither did I. But she had to sadly just scroll Instagram and text for an entire 4 hour flight.”

The OP offered some additional context in the comments, revealing that the jacket belonged to a “veeery old woman” sitting in front of them.

The user continued, “I do wish the [flight attendant] had said something, because this is a situation where no one is going to say anything to a very old lady. But I also feel bad for the middle [passenger] for being in an awkward situation.”

PEOPLE reached out to Delta for comment but has not received a response. 

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<p>Getty</p> Stock image of a woman selecting something on her screen on the airplane


Stock image of a woman selecting something on her screen on the airplane

Users in the comments immediately told the OP what they thought should have been done.

One wrote, “I don't know how a FA (flight attendant) wouldn't notice this,” followed by another adding, “Yep, I would have called the FA, pointed at the jacket, and left it at that — let the FA handle it since it’s a sensitive situation.”

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After one person wrote, “There's literally a screen in front of excuse,” a different user offered a more compassionate perspective in response.

“I mean, we all make these mistakes sometimes. Speak up and move on,” they wrote.

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Multiple users who claim to be flight attendants then jumped into the conversation.

“As a FA, please tell me. A lot of the time they don't realize it's covering the monitor,” one wrote. “People go through life in their own bubble. Let me help them realize they're not the only ones on the planet.”

Another added, “As a FA, I will say something and ask the passenger to move their jacket, even offer to put it in the overhead bin for them. A lot of people don’t like confrontation especially if she was elderly but I have no problem doing it for them.”

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