I Want To See A Picture Of Your Pet Looking Like A Total And Complete Freak

I think we can all agree that pet owners have one major thing in common: we're all obsessed with taking pictures of our pets. Sleeping? Eating? Chasing a fake mouse? Barking at a leaf? We've got a pic for that!

But the best kind of pet picture is when you catch them in absolute goblin mode. Mid-sneeze, making weird faces, eyes glowing in the dark — essentially anything that makes you laugh out loud and go, "WTF???"

Cat standing on hind legs between stair railings, mouth open as if mid-meow or yawn

For example, this is my cat, Barney, caugh mid-sneeze.

Alice Lahoda

I mean, pics like these are just hilarious:

Twitter: @Rumblethumper

Seriously, I'm obsessed:

Cat caught mid-air with paws outstretched
Akimasa Harada / Getty Images

I want to see allllll the pictures of your pets being adorably awkward, freaky little goblins. Share them in the comments (or submit them anonymously through this form) for a chance to have your story featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!