Should a 'Plus-Size' Pal Be Entitled to Larger Bed at Shared Vacation Home?

A Redditor asked if they should switch rooms with their “plus-size” friend after a random selection generator landed her in a twin bed at their vacation home

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of twin beds in a room.


Stock image of twin beds in a room.

A Redditor questioned if their plus-sized friend was automatically entitled to a larger bed at their shared vacation home, prompting more than 600 comments about the way the friends chose their accommodations — and whether the size of the bed was really at the root of the argument.

A woman in her thirties shared that she was planning to rent a vacation home with four friends, all women in their thirties and forties. “We go every year, and always use a randomized selection tool to help us choose who gets which bedroom,” TooEmbarassed7 shared on Reddit’s popular subreddit AITA (AmITheA------), where people post scenarios and let Redditors decide if they were in the wrong.

She shared that everyone agreed to this arrangement; However, a problem arose when Marie, who she said is “plus-size,” ended up sharing a room which had two twin beds. That's when Marie asked privately “if we could switch places so she can have the queen-size bed.”

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of a queen-sized bed.


Stock image of a queen-sized bed.

“Yeah, it sucks, but that’s why we leave it up to chance so nobody can complain,” the Redditor wrote, adding Marie is “not so big she can’t fit in a twin bed. I personally have lost over 100 lbs., and at my largest, was bigger than Marie is now. I never once asked to switch beds when I was bigger.”

When she told Marie she wouldn’t switch rooms, her friend “started crying and told me I was being unreasonable, and that I, of all people, should understand. I do understand, but it’s my vacation, too, and I’ve worked hard to be in a body I’m comfortable in. I don’t feel like I should give up my spot to accommodate her, when she can still fit in the twin bed.”

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Once it was clear Marie and the other friend sharing a room would be paying less than those in the larger beds in single rooms, most commenters decided that Marie was in the wrong, and the Redditor was was “NTA” — or “Not the A—.”

“There's absolutely no cause for her to demand larger than a twin,” one of the top comments said.

Added another, “My 5-yr-old has a twin bed now and my 5'5" 360 lbs. a— can fit on it. (Sometimes his brother wants a nap companion. ) So no, no sympathy here!”

“You guys used the [randomized] thing to pick the rooms, it's not like y'all outright set out to upset her. She was fine with the prospect of getting the smaller bed, until she did,” added another commenter.

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While another agreed they were NTA, they added, “honestly this sounds like a system set up to cause problems.”

When several asked why they wouldn’t just rent a place with the same accommodations for everyone, the Redditor explained, “It’s just too expensive to rent a place that has 5 bedrooms with 5 queen-size beds.”

And as another pointed out, Marie should have asked one of the other women who got a queen bed to swap.

“The fact that you used to be big like her doesn’t mean you’re somehow obligated to accommodate her demand. She’s an AH for singling you out like that. She should ask the other 2 people who got queen-size beds if they’d be willing to switch,” wrote one commenter.

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But as one comment pointed out, this was likely not about the size of the mattress.

“I don't think this is about the twin bed. I think this is about being forced to share a room,” MissFabulina wrote.

“Being larger leads to feeling judged for it. Especially when you have to share a room. Ultimately, you are not T A for not [switching] rooms. She did agree to the terms. But...why are you guys choosing such lodgings if no one wants to share a room? Don't do that anymore. Simple solution."

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