Popeyes Just Released a New Flavor of Its 'Most Popular Item' Since the Chicken Sandwich

Fans are divided on how the chain is rolling out this new menu item.

<p>Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith</p>

Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith

Popeyes—the fast-food chain that ignited our obsession with crispy chicken sandwiches and consequently sparked a chicken shortage in 2021 after many chains followed suit—just announced its "newest chicken wing innovation."

Popeyes wings are the chain's second most popular item after its famous chicken sandwich. From time to time, the restaurant adds a new wing flavor to its regular menu, which already includes five options: signature hot, roasted garlic parmesan, honey BBQ, ghost pepper, and sweet 'n spicy.

Now is one of those times. Popeyes just announced a new flavor that is currently available, but only to those who preorder through the app or website.

Popeyes' New Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

From now through March 31, the only way to order Popeyes' new Honey Lemon Pepper Wings is through the Popeyes app or website. You won't be able to order in person at the restaurant until April 1.

Popeyes describes the honey lemon pepper flavor as having a "sweet and tangy punch with zesty lemon and a bit of peppery heat from black pepper."



On the YouTube channel theendorsement, the unnamed host tried the new wings. After trying several bites, his first words were, "I'll tell you this...these are good." He went on to say he got all three flavor components in equal amounts. He enjoyed the sauce on the wings so much that he didn't feel the need to add any additional Popeyes dipping sauces to the mix. Calling the wings "top-notch," he scored them a 95 out of 100.

"Popeyes is 45 minutes from here. I might make the drive for these. They sound amazing," said a YouTube commenter.

Not everyone is thrilled about the app-only offer. One commenter called out Popeyes, saying, "I absolutely hate how restaurants do this where they have a new item, but you have to download their app in order to get it. So I don't participate in that nonsense."

"They want that sweet data to sell," another responded. And they're probably not wrong. Restaurants are increasingly offering app-only deals, and one reason is to collect data.

Data mining or no data mining, you could hear a bit of crunch when the YouTuber bit into the wings, which is always a good sign. Another good sign? His 95-point rating and the fact he kept dipping the wings back into the honey lemon pepper sauce at the bottom of the container. If you're a Popeyes or wings fan, you may want to check out these limited-time wings. 

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