The Irony Of The Following 17 Photos Will Make You Wholeheartedly Believe This Is All A Simulation

The Irony Of The Following 17 Photos Will Make You Wholeheartedly Believe This Is All A Simulation

1.This trashcan that was ironically placed below a sign about your worth after a mistake:

Sign reading "Mistakes Are Proof You are Trying" above a trash bin in a library by bookshelves

FWIW: Mistakes are not proof you are trash!!!

u/bagzoffritoz /

2.This stone that has writing, in stone:

The image shows a stone plaque with the phrase "NOTHING IS WRITTEN IN STONE" engraved on it, surrounded by leaves and sunlight

3.This spray that is supposed to prevent dogs from biting but did the opposite:

Chewed dog protection spray bottle, ironically damaged by a dog's bite
u/Torkelxx /

4.This self-vacuuming iRobot store where you still have to manually sweep the floors:

Person using a mop in front of an iRobot store with robot vacuums displayed
u/Artificial_Batman /

5.This restaurant that clearly has bugs but somehow still got an A+ rating:

Los Angeles County health inspection grade 'A' posted on a window with a cockroach on it

6.This sign that is supposed to help cyclists on the main roads but the sign is blocking the entire bike lane:

Electronic roadside sign reads "GIVE CYCLISTS SPACE" next to a bike lane with a car approaching
u/ShitLordOfTheRings /

7.This car that was involved in a passenger-side accident...

Blue car with damaged passenger side door and side panel, parked on a wet street
u/svbmariner /

Right in front of this sign that says, "There's more to life than being a passenger":

Utility box with the phrase "There's more to life than being a passenger" written on it
u/svbmariner /

8.This line of Domino's motorcycles that fell over like a line-up of dominos:

A person walks past a pile of fallen Domino’s Pizza delivery scooters on a street
anonymous /

9.This freedom statue that is fully enclosed in a cage:

Statue of a figure with a shield and sword trapped behind a metal cage, with the word "FREEDOM" at the base
u/wHatTheFez /

10.This can of crushed tomatoes with a literal crushed can:

A can of Tuttorosso crushed tomatoes with basil on a shelf
u/premefiends /

11.This person hanging a "safety first" sign in a very unsafe manner:

Person on top of a ladder reaching towards a "Think Safety First!" sign, unsafely balanced
u/Elleven_ /

12.This sign that says tans fade and memories last forever, but the memories are nearly completely faded:

Sign reads "The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever" with part of the text obscured by snow
u/Roguecop /

13.This building fire...

Emergency vehicles responding to a distant smoke plume in a parking lot near commercial buildings
u/mikebellman /

At a business called "We B Smokin'":

Sign reads "We B Smokin" on a wall
u/mikebellman /

14.This "thing" of decor that tells people to collect moments not things:

Decorative sign on a shelf stating "COLLECT moments NOT THINGS" with a price tag below
anonymous /

15.This sign thanking people for driving carefully when they, in fact, did not:

Sign reads "Thank you for driving carefully" next to an overturned car off the road
u/sarahyelloww /

16.This vehicle who has a flat tire while hauling a trailer full of tires:

SUV pulling a trailer overloaded with tires on a wet street
u/crackshawofficial /

17.And, lastly, this foreign language class taught by none other than "Mr. English":

Sign on a door reading "G270 FOREIGN LANGUAGE" with "MR. ENGLISH" below in Braille and text
u/ARF_Trooper_ /