Why Prince Harry Didn't See His Family During His Surprise Trip to England

Why Prince Harry Didn't See His Family During His Surprise Trip to England

Prince Harry made a surprise trip to London last week, showing up at High Court on Monday morning for a privacy hearing against Associated Newspapers. And naturally everyone wondered if he took a moment to have a tense/awkward visit with his family. The answer? Yeah, not so much.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Harry did inform his father that he'd be in London for the court hearing. And now royal expert Alexander Larman tells Us Weekly that Harry “tried to see King Charles, but King Charles said he was too busy.”

Meanwhile, Harry was said to be staying at Frogmore Cottage (which he and Meghan Markle will soon vacate permanently). However, thanks to an even more recent article in The Telegraph, we now know the reports to be true. "It is understood the Duke of Sussex stayed at the Windsor property before making his surprise appearance at the Royal Courts of Justice last week. The Duke arrived in the UK last weekend and is thought to have flown back on Thursday night. He appeared in court on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and is thought likely to have also used the visit to sort out the couple’s belongings and work out what needs to be shipped to the US ahead of vacating the property," the story read.

P.S. Frogmore is just a stone's throw away from Prince William and Kate Middleton's residence at Adelaide Cottage. But according to The Express, Harry wasn't able to see the Prince and Princess of Wales either, as they're away for their kids' "half term" holidays.

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BTW, King Charles was initially scheduled to be in France during Harry's trip, but since the visit was canceled he was in the country. Either way, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams shed some light on the situation, telling The Express:

"The problem with this appearance is that it is a surprise appearance and the Sussexes do like to surprise. They're always unpredictable and nobody expected this. There is little doubt Harry is attaching his name to a list which is very distinguished but equally it was an opportunity for him to appear on the privacy area where the Sussexes feel very strongly. Clearly this was not planned because Charles would have been in France and he's going to Germany on Wednesday. It's very hard to see what he and the King would have to say to each other because can you trust saying anything sensitive when it might very well appear in a book or article? The Prince and Princess of Wales are also on holiday apparently with their children."

Reminder: Harry could be back in England in just a few weeks for King Charles' coronation, but he and Meghan haven't confirmed their plans just yet!

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