Will Prince William Make a Public Statement Slamming Kate Middleton Conspiracies?

prince william meets homewards advocates in windsor
Will Wills Make a Statement on Kate Conspiracies? Handout - Getty Images

Prince William is said to be less than thrilled about the persistent conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton's health and whereabouts, and apparently he wants to make a statement. But probably won't?

Royal reporter Rebecca English tells the Daily Mail that "for now the prince and his team are not minded to publicly react to what they describe as 'the madness,' and feel their actions should do the talking."

HOWEVER! She adds, "I’m told they have not entirely ruled out making some kind of public statement in the coming weeks, ahead of Catherine’s return to public duties."

English goes on to note that "There is much William would like to say. It has been tough for him to stand by and see his wife’s reputation shredded by the court of public opinion in the way his late mother’s once was."

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It's...getting complicated!

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The truth about what's going on BTS at the Palace.

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*Ahem: unsubstantiated divorce rumors.

Meanwhile, insiders worry William could become "even more insular" amid all this drama, and he's said to have asked the seemingly rhetorical question "When will it all stop?"

Yikes! Anyway, this follows royal reporter Katie Nicholl telling Entertainment Tonight that “there’s a sense of frustration, possibly even anger, certainly on William’s part,” and that he's specifically “frustrated, upset, and pretty angry” about conspiracy theories that Kate got botched cosmetic surgery or is in a coma.

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